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93.9 FM and AM a 20 NPR News and the New York conversation. Welcome back to United States of anxiety. I'm Marilyn Williams and for Kai, right, and I am joined this week by award winning journalist and created a chance slash media. Amara Jones. Amara has been reporting on what she calls the anti trans hate machine, which is also the title of her upcoming podcast. Chambliss was sparked by the trump ministrations and their work and policies that took away the rights of protection and the inclusion of Chaz people and their anti trans rhetoric and legislation didn't just go away right once Biden was elected. Well, I think the key part of understanding how we got to This moment and why the anti translate machine continue to accelerate regardless of the results of the election is because where we are is the result of a Sad. Hmm. And Part of that plan has been to figure out ways to erase trans people from public life. How to actually erase LGBTQ people from public life because it's seen as being a central threat to Christian, the Christian idea of family. Consequently, because of the loss of gay marriage, because the first round of these bills that were being put forth back in 2016 and 2015, we're focused on the whether or not transfer could use the bathroom. Those were stopped because they were one type of bill that people could understand. But they decided to do with the anti trans bills that are in operation right now is to introduce lots of different types of bills, 127 and 33 states when there were just 62 years ago and also fled the courts with court cases. And hope that out of that comes some type of movement to achieve the goal of erasing trans people from public life. And these bills do a couple of things the main ones. They are designed to prevent teenagers and adolescents and their doctors and the therapists from Providing the medical care that would allow these young people to, uh um either have time to figure out their gender identity or to begin the process of transitioning. The second type of these bills also targeting youth, and we need to understand that both of these types of bills target young people because they've done polling on their side, which showed that the best way to get people uncomfortable with trans issues is to focus on young people. It's to prevent trans youth from competing in sports. That correspond to the gender of those of those young people. And again, That's something that's been happening for a really long time and no one's even noticed. You know, we've had long stand the N C. Double A and all these athletic parties have lots of different rules. Those rules have been in effect. For years. People have been competing, not even noticing that it was an issue and not even saying anything. But why youth sports? You know, Um did did their polling. Tell them that like, how did they get to this specific strategy? Well, Yeah, well, there's strategy told them anything dealing with Young people and trans like that's the sweet spot for people to go. Oh, I don't know. You know that's uncomfortable because adults people got but not kids and kids are so vulnerable and all this other stuff and I also want to underscore And like, jump up and down on the roof, particularly about this on this program, because this is the forum where people care about this is that we wouldn't be where we are. As well without anti blackness that they'd already teed up this issue understanding where their polling was, but then they needed the actual kind of vehicles. And though that vehicle came and the form of a complaint, not a legal complaint at this point, but news reports, uh White girls complaining in Connecticut that there were two black trans women that were running and competing against them and track mates. And An organization called the Alliance Defending Freedom. Um it's kind of the legal arm of the anti translate machine of the far right in general, to be quite honest behind some of the big cases that people may have heard of, like hobby lobby in the Master Case Cake shop. They then seized on this opportunity to go and to file a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut on behalf of those white teens to prevent The black trans women from running. Mitchell and two other student athletes filed suit against the C A. C because they say, competing against athletes who are not biologically female like them leaves the playing field uneven When we line up in front of our blocks, and the starter calls us to get into position. We all know how the race will end. We can't win the girls. Athletes are at the physical.

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