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Post your comments on our website email us or you can tweet us at cake tweedy forum are post your comment on facebook let me start with kim occuren in los angeles high kern hi how are you well what's on your mind so i was convicted under the natural consequence doctrine which is also affected under fourteen thirty seven and on another program yesterday a da was arguing that reducing that passage of this bill also affect that rule but the thing that a lot of people don't realize is that under the natural consequence doctrine it gives prosecutors more leeway to charge more serious felony then the what was the original target offense that the defendant agreed upon i was because i was convicted under the national public consequence doctrine i was sentenced to twenty five years to life in prison i was originally facing a life without parole sentence but i was acquitted of a special circumstance of lying awake charge because the jury found that i had no intent to kill however under the natural probably consequence doctrine the jury had to convict me for twenty years in prison before being released thanks for sharing your story but k chatfield kern also brings up the fact that yes district attorney's association is very much against this we did invite deputy district attorney of la county eric's at all to join us but he unfortunately was unable to do so but i can't tell you that one of the main arguments that the da's association makes us that this is a very important deterrent for people to not be involved in any serious potentially illegal activities so what's your reaction to that yeah that has historically been the argument that this that the felony murder rule is a deterrent to people committing crimes however the research just does not bear that out in that was reflected in the objective senate and the assembly analysis that there is no deterrent effect in states that have the felony murder rule to for the crime rate and other research indicates that half of one percent of people that are convicted under the felony murder rule even knew about the felony murder rule prior to committing their crime so if one is completely unaware of a rule of law one cannot possibly be deterred from committing a crime because of that rule of law well interestingly one of the most contentious features of this bill or one that's been very controversial is the fact that.

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