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We'll have it as well. Cam johnson. Will join me to talk about the blues who played tonight and Edmonton, they take on the Oilers at eight o'clock right here on cable x seven thirty for the pre-game little late night hockey for you. The blues have not played well and their center rhino Riley is frustrated. Just think they stride with back into to figure out again. It's frustrating again. I. I myself to be better capable of other guys. What? Have to go back to work again. The blues had won two straight. They beat Florida on Tuesday. They beat Colorado on Friday and people maybe maybe this is the turn. And then the blues late and egg. That's the words of their own coach Craig Berube e they got thumped on Sunday by by Calgary. Final score was seven to two. So the blues fall in that game. They'll try to get up and play on the road tonight against Edmonson here on cable ex Carolina Panthers lost it all the New Orleans Saints who now have control the number one seed in the NFC playoffs. They put the clamps on Cam Newton in the Panthers Alvin Kamara had one hundred three yards from scrimmage scored. A go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter and the saints wanna Carolina twelve to nine the saints are twelve and to their one game ahead of the Rams for the top seed in the NFC postseason. They also own the tiebreaker with ram, so it's going to be very difficult now for the Rams to have home field in the playoffs in the Superdome. Looks like the way to the Super Bowl for anybody in the. NFC college football where a little over a week away. December twenty ninth will be the college football semi-finals, it'll be Alabama against Oklahoma. Clemson will take on Notre Dame. And right now to tug of Iowa is on his way back. He continues to rehab injury says the crimson tide Nick Sabin finished second in the college football coach of the year voting. It was Brian Kelly of Notre Dame winning for the second time. College basketball, Kansas, Duke, and Tennessee or atop the top twenty five men's college bowl from the AP the jayhawks earn fifty six of sixty five first place votes to say number one Michigan and Virginia each client to spot into the top five Gonzaga slid four spots to eighth after losing North Carolina North Carolina's into the top ten. They jumps three spots to knife. Number twenty five Nebraska. The only addition to this week's Paul Villanova the defending. National champion fell out for the second time this season. After losing the Kansas and pen last week. The number eleven team in the nation is Florida state. There's some trouble with southeast, Missouri. State last night, the red hawks went down there and did a little damage. In fact, CMO was up forty seven forty one with fourteen forty six to go in the game. But the Seminoles started rally in the Florida state ended up winning the game beating southeast Missouri. State eighty five sixty eight a couple of good ones tonight, Missouri will take on Xavier in Columbia that one tips off at six o'clock, and it's a seven o'clock tip for Missouri. State a team to watch in the valley in conference play. They'll be taking on Arkansas state on the road. I'm Tom Ackerman on the home of the best cardinals and blues coverage. Sorry, I'm late. I thought he left the garage open and had drive all the way home again funny. I left mine opened at a two, but I got a text from my security system, letting me.

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