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73 degrees in Boston at 4 30. Good afternoon. I'm Madison Rogers. And here's what's happening with last In six weeks before Election Day, all eyes are on the Senate. Republicans prepared to fast track the Supreme Court nomination process. A ballot judging Amy Cockney Barry yesterday got the official nomination from the president on with Republican control over the White House and Senate. Outcry from Democrats who fear this could swing the nation's highest court for decades to come. CBS NEWS Khun Political contributor Peter Mayer there already Democrats who have served notice that there not even planning to meet with her because they reject the process itself that President Trump has used They have bitter memories of the way of the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked Judge Merrick Garland back in February of 2016 months before the election that year, saying that the next president should decide. Sources say. Confirmation hearings for Coney Barrett will began on October 12th. There are some Republicans who have opposed opposition to the process, namely New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, who says the nomination should be seen for exactly what it is an attempt to overturn the affordable care act. And she strongly opposes the efforts of the president and majority leader McConnell to push to approve Judge Barrett rather than work on passing a new relief built Cove in 19, Mass. Vast majority of Republicans, though, are expected to vote to confirm former Massachusetts governor and now Utah Senator Mitt Romney calls Judge Barrett Ah, highly respected jurist, and he looks forward to meeting with her to review her credentials. Huge turnout for a New Hampshire Trump Caravan. This morning W busies match your spoke to a local official who witnessed the rolling rally more than 300 cars traveled through mostly Democratic communities. Durham Town manager Todd Selig saw the whole thing hooting and hollering. They had their trump signed, and some of them were driving loud motorcycles. They were honking their horns because the vehicles were going in groups of 10 organizer's didn't need to get a parade permit. We were asked to follow the rules of the road..

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