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Welcome to the good. The bad and the science the show that breaks down the science of television and movies with a comedian and a scientist. Today we're discussing homemade astronauts. So i'll ask about building spaceships space suits and how claiming you're a flat earth or might help you raise some money. I'm your host either edinburgh. And i've got to wonderful guest joining me today. My first guest is a writer actor. Comedian who's been in everything from the simpsons too. I'm dying up here. And he's the creator of stand against evil. Welcome to the show dana gould. I'm here on earth. Hello dana thank you for being here. I'm a huge fan of yours. I was listening to your podcast. Dana gould our earlier today. Oh and before we get started. I didn't want to bother you about it. Then i barely wanna bother you about it now because bothering you seems awful but since i have you here i have to ask you what it was like to work on a show. That meant a lot to me. When i was growing up the ben stiller. Show everybody that. Worked on the ben stiller. Show bob odenkirk. Jimmy garoppolo david. Cross ben stiller myself. We all were just friends and we all hung out together and then ben got a show so we just kind of hung out in the office. It was it was it was just an extension of our social life at the time so it was actually one of the most organic work experiences i ever had. It was just like instead of going to janin's house. We went to hollywood center studios but pretty much. Everything else was the same and we. We would see. George burns on the way into work. Because george burns had an office he would come in in the morning full to pay full suit. Come in Have breakfast read the paper go home. Wow that's awesome. I mean definitely comes through. It seems like a really organic natural. It just seems like a bunch of people having fun with each other and we're all still friends. Oh and they happy ending well great. I'm super excited to talk to you today. Dana i'm so glad that you're here and i feel the same way about our second guest. He is a senior satellite engineer at nasa who was named one of forbes thirty under thirty. Welcome to the show kenneth harris i don. I'm happy to be today. Unfortunately ethan you and i do not have history is first time. Yeah i know it is unfortunate. I hate that but no is is a pleasant today. Yeah it's a pleasure to be speaking with you Kenny as you request to be called and that makes it feel like we're closer and have a history that i'm calling kenny. Already so professional. Yeah exactly which is totally not you. So you've worked on mind-bending projects like the s g. pm and the james webb telescope. So the first question that came to my mind when doing research on you is. Do you sleep or do you just nap. You know what's even worse than all that. I also have basically a brand new baby at home. He's ten months. So i know i really don't sleep. I've perfected the map Something i'll get into later. The nasa nap appreciably trademark. But it's just it's just a really quick twenty minute nap or something like that. The astronauts us when they actually own. I assess so i just that i just net throughout the day win win win. Possible rea- sleep. Sleep is foreign to me. That's really impressive. And we got to talk with the james webb for a second i. I saw the the ted ex talk that you gave and you mentioned it briefly but but can you explain to us like what makes james webb so awesome so real quick. Thirty second pitch is that it's the follow up to the hubble space telescope which is really famous from a nasa point of view And the idea behind this telescope is to quote unquote air quotes..

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