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Watch that And we should. I guess we can. We can plug it after you give you give your plugs. Should we should. I'll put the nine eleven the belts we should. We should plug that live podcasts on the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven but we did not. It was only available saturday. The only available is only available saturday in september. It just happens to be the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven. But that's not why it's are on sale. I think the tickets are on sale in lincoln. Descript yeah in that nine eleven th anniversary bash nano knows just. We did not choose that we did not choose. It was only available. Saturday couldn't have done. Yeah you can check me out on. You have a youtube channel with my buddy. I sound like a six year. Old eugene on my friend english up super omega one word. I'm also on twitter. Matt h watson and Check just in check me out. I'm not the matt watson that Got popular like trying to expose. Pedophilia on youtube That's not me. That's different my watson. But i was really happy when he did that. Because then it changed my google search engine optimization so the first auto complete was matt watson pedophile so i was really happy about that. Yeah but you can check me out matt. H watson or super mega either or them. Okay on that note Thank you for listening. Folks yes bye bye..

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