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It's bullseye. Jesse thorn. My first guest is w Kamau bell now Kamau and I go way back like close to twenty years when I was still doing this show at UC Santa Cruz. Kamau was a young up and coming comic in the bay area. He actually wants co hosted the show with me. I mean, for real way back anyway. He's gone from hosting at the punchline in downtown San Francisco to having specials and comedy albums, and touring bunch in two thousand twelve. He got his own TV show totally biased with w. Kamau bell on FX and FX axe totally biased was kind of a talk show, kind of political satirical show too. But unlike say the daily show Kamau wasn't really inclined to get out in front of the audience and give the man what for from his perspective. He actually let other people on staff do that come out just kind of asked questions. Funny ones, serious ones, ba- MU. Used ones, and that was what made the show really special today. He hosts another show, it's called United shades of America. It airs on CNN. It's a great show. It's actually up for an EMMY this year in the unstructured reality programming category last year he won it. And I like to think that that is because come out is such a wonderful host. United States is basically a show about asking questions about warmly engaging with everything that the United States is in the same way that a guy like Anthony bourdain would travel cross continents to elevate and explore the traditions of some remote cultural group. Kamau does the same thing right here in the US. He covers issues and people in our country who I guess you can say, aren't used to getting a lot of nuance, news, coverage, folks like six or Appalachian coal miner families, or in this clip inmates at San Quentin prison in northern Cal. What would you say is the biggest surpri would think they were surprised people on the outside about being in Saint Clinton? The name itself is not the characters that produces they actually produce positive people now, yes, some people come in and couldn't read right spill. Now you walk around their seniors now. You don't have cell phones. You need somebody to be walking around to be the. Oh, yeah. Ain't no doubt. I need somebody who's who's nicknames, Wikipedia. Sticking information keeps you aware. You know, they make us think that will steal plot of some out of gas humanity because other than that, we just be numbers on the numbers on the numbers. On the boy, what you're sentenced on? Seven. How long you've been here? A my fortieth year seven to life and you own your forty years. What if you. Wow, Saint they sit everyone I get. Now. Come out and welcome back to bullseye. It's nice to talk to you again. I'm glad to be here. It's been a while. Thanks for having me back on you. Well, I mean, you're pretty much emeritus at this point. Super-senior the time fifteen years ago when you drove to Santa Cruz to co, host the show with me, you pretty much earned a lifetime pass. Well, you know, and I could see even back then I was like, this guy's got something going on. So I'm gonna. I'm gonna invest in this young man and. Come out. I question for you. You are one of the biggest dudes. I know. I don't think you're quite as big as comedian Steve Agee. But besides that, I'm not that tall my way the same minimum at that doll. I think you're the second biggest dude. I know you're like what you're like. Six, four, six, five, something like that. I'm six, four in the flesh since six, six with the afro, but I'm six. Four. If you measure into the afro. And I'm about like as I say, you know, you know, I say to fifty and I realized that was before I had kids. So, yeah. I'm I'm basically Charles Barkley size when he was in his prime, not at the end, but in his prime and your broad-shouldered you're not, you're not a dad bod'ed..

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