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Economy. But is it enough? The pandemic is not going away. It looks likely to be extended for quite some time. And there's going to be tremendous political pressure on Congress to do something to help so many people who are in pain and why we're seeing outbreaks flare up and Midwest states like Nebraska early. Stay home so people the food coming. Well those who keep the food coming can't stay home. It's Wednesday may sixth. I'm Terry Yokum for the Wall Street Journal. Here's what's news less than a day. After Vice President Mike Pence said the White House Corona Virus Task Force could be winding down. President Trump said this morning that the group will remain in place indefinitely. He said it will shift focus toward reopening the country and developing vaccine executives from the drugstore giant. Cvs are warning that the pandemic lockdowns could lead to a surge in non corona virus related problems. Wsj stay reporter. Sharon turnip says. The company is well situated to keep an eye on the trend. Pvs Also owns insurer at us. Oh CBS has a line of sight into not only what people are doing at drugstores but basically everything they're doing medically so they're seeing that they're not going to the doctor as much. They're not going in for elective procedures. One of the things that could potentially be more concerning is that they're they're seeing particularly with patients who have chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease They said there's been a significant drop off in new therapies so people if they're already automatic Asian they're getting those medications refilled but they're not necessarily either starting on new treatments or switching to new treatments. And that could have long term ramifications. They said What we know about chronic conditions is is if those are not treated or if people aren't taking medications if they're not visiting their doctors regularly getting tested then that can make those conditions worse and more More acute down the road. The monthly unemployment numbers come out on Friday but they won't include some of the latest companies to announce cuts uber. Today it's letting go of about thirty seven hundred. Corporate Employees General Motors is among the few companies still turning a profit. Gm said sales of big pickup trucks rose twenty seven percent last quarter and we've seen some retail closures but gap says it plans to reopen about eight hundred. North American stores this month. Starting with you in Texas this weekend and in Non Corona Virus Related News the Department of Education released its final rules for how schools should handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault. The new guidance covers incidents that take place on campus but also at places like academic conferences and fraternity houses. The new rules give both the accuser and the accused right to cross examination life proceedings. They also require schools to investigate dating violence and stalking and they let schools choose which standard of evidence to use. The announcement brought an immediate backlash from victims rights advocates and the rules are expected to face..

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