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Two of tongo vila since that awful night on Thursday night, getting carted off. I don't remember that. Serious business, and as you know, concussions apparently become easier. Live from the rich eisen show studio in Los Angeles. My heart's gonna be in my throat on Sunday Night watching this. That's for damn sure. Earlier on the show. NFL pro bowler and MLB all star Bo Jackson. MLB network analyst, a lighter. Still to come. Actor and comedian, Kevin nealon. And now. It's rich Isaac. Our number three of the rich eisen show is on the air right here on the Roku channel channel two ten where live on every single Roku device as we speak all at Samsung smart TVs and Amazon fire TV, the Roku app you can watch us on any mobile device at any time you want thanks to channel two ten we re air as soon as we're done. If you missed anything from our number one when we got Bo Jackson phoning into this program or outlier an hour number two, talk about the baseball playoffs where re airing as soon as this ends on channel two ten, we have our podcast. We're all podcasts can be acquired through the cumulus podcast network. We're on Sirius. We're on XM. We're on the Odyssey app, and we are thrilled to have right here. We're everywhere. We're three and a half right here in studio, the man whose new book is out we're all books can be acquired. I exaggerate my brushes with fame, some fantastic drawings and caricatures as well as stories from Kevin nealon here in studio. Good to see you, sir. Yeah, you too, Richard. I'm really pleased to be in the third hour of the show, 'cause that's always been my favorite hour. Yeah. You're a third hour guy, huh? Yeah, I was waiting in the back for like three hours. Was it comfortable back there? It was great. In fact, I brought some of the snacks you had in the basket out here. Very good. I'm glad I got a call. I got a coffee here too. You got a coffee and a rich eyes and show mug. It's a left handed mug though. You see that you notice that? Let me see. Oh yeah, it is. It's a left handed, it's careful. Careful. There we go. Look at that. Good to see you, sir. Good to see you. We here on our show whenever somebody gives somebody a compliment in higher register. It's like it's kind of a backhanded compliment, like I didn't know about that about you. So if you don't mind, I'll go. I didn't know you could draw like this, Kevin. Oh, that's such a backhanded accomplice. Thank you. Drawings in here, the caricatures in here are remarkable. Thank you. It's funny. A lot of people are surprised that I have talent. But

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