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The ball brian dawkins was the starting free safety um for the eagles in that super bowl and brian dawkins goes into this to be pro football fame as well with his former teammate and of course randy moss another great receiver with with some controversy surrounding him goes into the hall of fame as well that's an obvious no brainer he was as good as it gets he of course um he of course was on the patriots partied in be wasn't on that team against game his heels in fact what's amazing is you know you talk about the patriots and now the town they've had the super bowls they've won randy moss is the best skill position player they've had you know for running back wide receiver tight end he's the best player they've had i put them even addict i put a matic wrong and they never want with him what you know they've not had that caliber wide receiver when they have one um but anyway so those three guys go all fame also going in the hall of fame two great defensive players ray lewis and brian earley lacquer um you know it's funny now seeing these guys now that i'm in my midforties now that you know most of the guy's going in i saw their whole careers now you know as he and not that i'm unique in this obviously brielle spy aged starting to have the same experiences but like you know it used to be guys to play before you remember and there was still some some some in that case um but all welldeserved obc randy moss terrell owens ray lewis brynner lacquer brian dawkins i don't know why i don't think anybody a prominent nieto's guys getting in they're all worthy hall of famers there are some guys that you know certainly have been left out uh that probably should get in and we'll get it eventually in anatony sally who's one.

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