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Roulette. . Welcome to let you know USA. . Thanks for having me to be like the one and only standing official dot co editor of the United States of America. . That's a big deal. . Congratulations. . Thank you. . It's an honor fed I don't. . Take lightly because I. . I have the responsibility of. . Not just. . For reading about the food but. . priding about the people and I think that's really the most. . Critical part of the job but before we continue. . People might be saying, wait , what's going on and so you're very open about the fact that you stutter that is something that happens and so we might as well just say, Hey, , , it happens in your cool with. . Saying Yeah and and moving on, , right? ? Yes. . I am thank you. . Yes. . It's part of my life and it's never stopped me from doing things like. . Live TV or radio segments I. . Love that. . I. . GotTa Say I really do I completely loved that. . So. . What you may not know is that I've been Taco fanatic since probably before you were even born, , I'm Mexican I grew up with this stuff. . You know I mean, , my mom made dot goes by our leader. Mehta . goes you're Puerto Rican you were growing up with this stuff. So . what's the story as to why this Puerto Rican dude ends up falling in? ? Love with TACO's growing up in the states I knew about duck was generally speaking at A. . Fast Food Product but. . As a Mexican food item. . was in. . Brooklyn from. . A. . China and I don't know. . Who I fell in love. . With I. . The woman. . or The food. . So before we get to talking about that goes which again we talk about forever. . One of the things that stood out to us is from the beginning of your book. . And this is where you refer to something you call the alita principal. . And having just mastered Jose, , you'll be proud of me finally having just mastered my I will lead us the you like I finally figured it out. . I'm just like Oh my God I can't believe it. . I unlocked it. . What is this thing about the alita principle when it applies to Dacas? ? So, , whenever people? ? Talk about Mexican food eventually the conversation. . Pros around to. . Well. . My Willett I made the best Mexican. . Food she made best diesels. . Hurling. . was, the , best or her? ? Malia was the best. . and. . For them. . That's as far as Mexican food goes. . Nothing else. . Counts as Mexican. . which is unfortunate because. . Mesko is a large country with micro regions. . And Different, , cuisines. . It's not that. . Simple. . We shouldn't box it in. . Boxing it in. . His misguided at. . Best and racist that worst <hes>. . Could also. . Be. . Maybe so and so's grandmother wasn't

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