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There's been a couple times in the spinal cord's been down this goat. It's the fourth quarter and we star back in. Make play after play both ends of the floor. We went this championship. Miami just made the top seeded bucks disappear in the conference semifinals. Let's see how they handle the Celtics. The remainder of the Siri's I'm Dave Ferrie. Semyon Varlamov was terrific in the Islanders game to double overtime win over the Lightning stopping 36 37 shots. Some of his saves in overtime also saved the Islanders from elimination. With the topic of conversation Wednesday concerning Varlamov was his full on rush to the Ah Nice celebration scrum, a sprint that ended with a belly flop into his teammates. Head coach Barry Trotz says he enjoyed seeing that there's nothing like Watching emotions of players after when, especially within the team sport. Not only did you see it with us last night, you said you saw with Dallas the other night, The Islanders will be playing the 22nd game of this postseason, a team record thanks to the extra playoff round. I'm Dave Ferrie, one of the toughest jobs for a coach is to keep his players upbeat after a loss. Players who insist after that loss that the team remains on an even keel. But lightning coach John Cooper knows better. It's really is a staff you try and keep your guys on that. Lake level field, but I don't care who you are, like guard. You know, you do have different emotions, but is a staff like that's our job is to keep everything in perspective for players. Cooper seems to have done a good job of that. The Lightning haven't lost back to back games this postseason and I'll try to keep that streak intact Thursday night. Otherwise, they're staring at a game seven against the Islanders. I'm Dave Ferrie. AP News I'm to McGuire.

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