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Maybe the greatest shooter that we've ever seen all that stuff that's out there all the time. But boy, I tell you, I guys awesome Lewis take shot last night. Nobody well he was totally gassed, he was on for six first of all, it has to, you know, he's got to touch the ball in that final sequence. But one for six nine minutes and forty one seconds in the fourth quarter over four from three minus seven plus minus for the quarter. He was gassed, I thought, vanfleet didn't incredible job being very physical with them throughout the entire series off the ball, UCF make a move ever with just one guy on him after that forty seven point game. They hanged right up guys in front guys behind. He's doing circa shots now. You can't you can't attack. Steph curry, and this one in my mind, you can't. But I think one thing, I'll say and I don't know how you feel about this scare you played college basketball's. I want your thoughts on this. I didn't like the. The the final sequence. I we're gonna go to the calls here, but well, the pathway sad, right. Here's the situation. Nine point six seconds left in the game. Warriors down one. It's one eleven one. Ten Iggy dollars inbounding the ball there's a defender in his face. Okay. He inbounds the ball to dream on green. I got no problem with getting the ball degree. And I like the idea of getting the ball, the green, but it was a cross over the green the defender on green the ball had to go over that defender, almost went out of bounds. Green gets it flips to curry curry does have an open look. And that was, you know, a lot of people are saying, well, you know, you can't you can't really argue with that you get Steph curry in an open. Look, we'll wait a second. I can argue with that all day it was a semi open. Look, you had surge of Baca and his ridiculous arm length, Wyoming, he had to rush it a little bit. You have nine point six on the clock. You're one of the best passing basketball teams. You know of all time now I got no problem with curry taking the shot, but a three point attempt as he's moving fast to his right in the kind of a helter skelter situation in with nine six on the clock. And a drive in layup gives you a one point win. I wanted to see pass pass pass shoot or three. Quick pass the play was at the. But he said that it would design to, to throw it cross court like that. I'm not sure exactly what Andres options were on the plane. He was living. It looked like it was his option. What he's what he wanted to do. Was he wanted to get green throw them? The past have green, flip it to curry who could step in to a to a three and rail it. But you've got I mean one I got no complaints with Steph taken that shot despite the fact that he was fatigued, because he Steph curry, but nine point two it's not one point six or nine point six on the clock. It's not like you've got two seconds pass the ball. I want. I mean I why take a free there. Why take moving to your right? Three. I mean, I know this is a I'm here. I'm sitting here like, oh, I got all the answers and Monday morning quarterback I get it second. Guessing after the fact Monday morning quarterback all the things I'm just saying when I when I saw out, they got the turnover off Seok hands nine. Six o'clock one point game at home. I'm thinking there's nine ten different ways for Golden State to finish this out how they finished it out with a risky cross court pass over the defender of against the baseline, flip it back to Currie with Bockel looming as a shot blocker. He hoists three interesting. It's a two point if it's a two point game or a three point game. And you need the three to tie. That's a great look in a one point game. I didn't like it. Okay. I didn't like it. I wanted to see I would have liked to seen pass pass, etc. Dunk. I was hoping to see. Yeah. But see, I I but see I'd rather lose having the arguably best shooter in the world. Take the shot then now if you have to though. Squared up shoulder to square to shoulder him. Every every place, you goes fed. I mean somebody's the main point sexy of nine point six yeah. That's, that's an eternity. The ball. Let's say you make it. So he comes to the ball. Right. And he's doubled doubled everywhere. And he has to give it up anyway. So to me, have you got? That's the value of Thompson, obviously of Durant. You wanna three there? You wanna high percentage to? No, no, but, but for him, I want good look at percentage to he's. All time. I know you don't need a free. No. I know. But for him. Better than maybe Larry. They had Durant and Thomson. I, I would probably agree with you, I but you if it's a two point game going for the win. Yeah. She got injured guys down with it. You gotta tie game you're going for the win. I'm down with it. You got a one point game in a in a squared up to or dunk or layup wins you the game and sends it to game seven I don't know. I don't want to I wouldn't. Doc by the three but NAT situation, I had but one of the higher percentage look in that, but okay. Let me ask you then who else would you trust your on a different shooter? Yeah. It's just a I don't wanna moving to my right? Three ball with Ivanka looming with nine point six. I'm the com. Yeah. And you're inbounding it not under the bucket. You're inbounding at midcourt. So the pressure was for him to take the shot. And I'm sure Steph said, this is as good as shot, as I'm going to get I gamma take it because I'm thinking, second guessing it. I'm not I'm not or hey four. Hey, you know what? It was a great run. They were going to get crushed in game seven with no Thompson, Durant anyway. Yeah. You know, almost rather just end this way. But still, I mean, was there anybody else out there who's looking at that basketball game going one point game? Nine point six left. They go to a commercial and you're dreaming up all the different things that could possibly end the game. I'm talking to Matt, Leland our producer behind the scenes. I'm like, what do you want here? What do you want here? You got a bunch of different options. Screens off the ball ball movement passing. You'll for the two you go for the three. I mean, we all kind of agreed you go for a high percentage to, to go for kind of a contested three who though by by by Steph curry. Yeah. It's fine. Promise. Steph curry, just the contested three I know people say it's an open book. But if you look at it, he'll talk rushed it. And if you look you got you got one defender on him and you got a of the sir surge with the ridiculous length looming. A shot blocker, I just think it was very it was on. All right. Steve. For shopping. I want to see Steve is onto eighty go ahead Steve, you're on KABC are Larry things worked for the best shot or for a better shot tonight point six. I don't trust anybody else on the floor. I'd rather liver die with the best three point shooter, there is. Go ahead. Steve. Yeah. Yeah. I just got a different take on it. I, I don't think that wasn't a play. I think you got a little too much on that fast. And it went too far. It was going out of bounds. Draymond green save different going out of bounds and got it the curry where he could get it to him. I yeah, I would be surprised to find out that, that Kerr's said, yeah. The last play throw the cross court and, and get it to curry. In fact, the only got that good. A look is because the ball, Draymond almost lost it out of bound. What's the what's what curry got the ball when Kerr got the ball? What do you think the Kach was because it was nine six on the inbounds? It had to be a five. No. Let's say more like eight eight maybe a second and a half went off on the pass. And now because the ball, the clock doesn't start to the tip to drain on touches the ball. Right. So dream on touches. It immediately flips two steps. I don't think Steph probably got the ball there with about eight seconds left. You think that was only the second okay equates seconds left? I don't that's not a great book. I think he got trapped over there once once that was so close to the sidelines. There was nowhere for three months ago. He. Curry, and there was nowhere for Terry to go. Let me ask you as a fan where that little thing. We've got going, what hits you in the gut more or less night, or two thousand sixteen? She's sick. And I think I mean last night was, I would just stick for clay. I mean that was yeah. To see him see him in so much pain on the floor. You know, quite tough guy. You know you know you knew he was hurt. And that's I mean, gone six clay. I mean a I was sick for the warriors in two thousand sixteen right now. I'm sick for quite thank you Stevie, go, Redwood forest Alamo urine Cambier the morning yet, for some reason I agree with you. I would have gone with I would have done a layup gonna foul taking good. But it but it didn't work Redwood. But you probably played basketball before you're at the end of the game. I don't know if you try to draw the foul man. I don't like the idea of putting in the NBA. I mean, they're not gonna go to the game graphs do not want to decide the game by guy shooting a free throw. I think commit you gotta go to the hoop. And that's what they're trying to go. I know Redwood, but if if your. Special and Steph, can drive he can do everything. But if you're the best, you know, outside shooter, the games ever seen it, doesn't it just a matter of taste. But to me, I didn't think I thought, hey, they got a good luck. You got it in the hands of the guy you wanted to, and that's it. But if you saw differently that's, that's you. Well, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I don't know about you guys have five wonderful years. I'm not walking around the skies. Not fall on. I'm not chicken, little and everybody wants to be there. You know what anytime you want to feel bad, about this team just think to me? And I've been a warrior fan since, you know, I could grow, you know, as a kid seventy four seventy five. I to me every time I think of the lowest point of the warriors, I think of Todd fuller over Kobe. In the draft gave thank you, Dave towards Nick. And I really think of the spree well, trade after choked up PJ and, and they had to send them to the Knicks and they'd just signed him to a contract, so they got they take all these bad contracts back. So here comes old man. Terry Cummings who was awesome as a younger player. But while he's got him at the end, Chris Mills and his bitterness and his fat contract. John stark, something that anytime, I'm you know, if you ever bummed about the warriors just think of that year and that was a rough year. That was the bottom, I take a few more calls here. Let me do the contest thing, though. Seven to nine you listen to Murph and MAC, they'll give you the.

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