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The mindscape podcast i'm your host sean carroll and i bring you bad news namely that the world is going to end not the world into earth that we live on but the universe as a whole is going to come to an end someday we don't exactly know when and what i mean by an end it might not be something as dramatic as literal hang or with a whimper so today i talked to one of the experts in this slightly depressing area katie back is a theoretical kuzma logistic at north carolina state university also very popular science communicator her twitter feed is one of the top ones that fellow physicists fall oh and we talk about the different scenarios that sketch out what might happen into the future of the universe it's not something that we know about for sure right making predictions is hard especially about the future but we know enough about the laws of physics a what the range of possibilities seems to be either this sort of gently fading out everything moves apart from everything else and we just get colder and slower until the interesting lively aspects of the universe just fade into nothingness or it could be something very dramatic my favorite scenario that we talk about in this episode is the bubble of quantum death if you're not familiar with what that is it'll be explained to you in grisly detail so this is both an educational episode in that we really do get into some real physics and cousin policy but also thought provoking that science has progressed to the point where we can actually say something about what the end of the universe might be like remember you want more info on mindscape you can go to the podcast homepage at preposterous universe dot com slash podcast where you can also sign up to support mindscape on patriots on if you wanna get ad free versions of the episodes and also a monthly asked me anything episode for all patriot supporters so with that let's go uh-huh all right welcome to the podcast.

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