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To different view of it well against the Coming from where. He resides so That was different but some looking back at the cheerleader dice. You know what you embrace bed. John's coming jimmy anything talk. You're going to the dude you know. Keep some hug me off the track. He's now he doesn't have to worry about money. Who is gonna marry that getting sponsors. Let's up thing but apart from that. I think anybody is bad. You know the way they'll always nam. The enforcer i think is you know jackson-lee put in. He's nine hundred. That didn't happen all that often. Well told us. Imagine that Aside from the gulf coast is that mount news your usual stamping ground Yeah like We do you know in a good year in a good year. They probably about fifty days said on mount. Call you know then. do someday at greenland greenland raceway bausch and And do few days You know eastern great phillip island actually gone to bend few times like it. Just you know the bandage facility. What the what the shine boys they've in there. It is fantastic. Yeah yeah like motor sport. You know motorsport need more people like then you always always look at people that sort of stand out in in motorsport and spend lots of money on sports and they always seem cheese. You know. be more people like that. Yeah saying that You know the the betty that clean car resonate like jesus should be more people like hat that. Which would help them spoke. Just give us an idea what you're saying now on a red roosters background. But you've got different ages now jason. Yeah look from point of view on hopeless. Do rice and son bane is developing. He's mine rising tradings He's called the bog as well and he's He's off and running humanoid driving in tastes yard when we actually can't rice Michelle gone with the mind that yeah. We've also got a couple of businesses are on red rooster restaurant franchise modal transport in distribution company We employ that sixty five people and were non dies awake in twenty eight a day so you know somewhere in their reply the car racing and enjoy ourselves but yeah it's it's one of the lessons learnt throughout my modest career. You can applauded the sports Sorry you're at the sport. I should tell you can applaud abuse businessperson and Especially dealers will deal and contracts. That's how it works in the call more or less exactly result. God almighty yes. He is but currently. We're in sydney lockdown. There's not much you can do and Except by golf sound gulfs getting really good compliance traits on awake trouble. He's got a week end up like mkhori and yada out of the water up there doing maintenance on getting ready so he could silent you in the city. It starts because we still writes that. But from that i mean we still to around strike the we went extinct and so the thing is really she. Because originally we're gonna get to wheaton and then got across the south. Australia have sprint involved with that and then we was Better the because of the kind of problem victoria. The first two events got cancelled and robbie melted. still think. Between and it was ton British mechanics was is there. And he was involved with that. Of course neil. Is that some about from nine. We still fit Gives a site. Trump's i golf silently houses. You could put out still at the factory of doing the rice aims and there's just rented out of prison so weight based on and and look inside is being lockdown down. The lord knows what's going to happen eventually. He'd because the signs england. I think we've run just gets fixed is still thousand. People die so a cupping the disease but not many people dying so as regime. That's innovative place correspondence. That happens on me and it's being mucking up oldest sports. I'm not this nice but what unites sports being canceled canceled cancer the coalition and luckily put those heavier on things so it certainly might think physical play in the hague and So we have to do that much. It doesn't worry is just record up and see kinison some niche benassi county. Well thank you very much for joining the main side. Shakeout them giving the inside the great man. You're doing a calm down. And jackson wanna move forward or no. We'll quote as much as you will them to getting back to a rice wreck in the near future. Thank you again for joining names don. Because okay okay. I'll talk to you thank you. Thank you joining meantime because greg development dining we talk it's terrific hear from homeless era colin volumes and jason baghran. Giving us that inside jobs. Not many of us ever considered that we could do and certainly one. That's not many they would want to do. It's been fascinating lifting. 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