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That your be safe and and clean water you know trautz not going to tolerate dirty war so you're gonna have to find some areas that are protected we got a decent todd la h really been a good big key while shrimps from a working real well force a lot of us do like to use plastic chairs and i got out the top orderly katherine had a pretty good morning for some rain ran assault kadhafi reds too so that's an option you know you go descript digress beds and get on the eastern shoreline yukanovic beaten getting over there but uh it's worth it were tried to be safe but that's what i would say is look for protected pockets probably some popping corks rely upon or more troy top war if you feel confident doughnut mike how does a late front affect fishing in biloxi marsh for the reds what you all water what did you what we all in it all earlier all right you're or or what what and how long yeah the guy's not alas fishing trip we found birds and it was some really put fish as england big bekele trout under those birds will you've been able to work any bird i haven't found birds dumb but i like i said i made a few moves today in a modest to hit a really good in one place went back there next caught three made a move pulled up to a platform born it was three to took a short was gone and that was the day that shrimp season opens and their a share surged twenty shrimp here but i feel like what does these fisher margaret now to look for that solemnity so you might find them stopping off to eat a look at a place here there show report things we know but they're going to start moving out when barnett at so we can find it solidity to in if i can get the boss to start using his solidity meter he purchased they weakens put it to good use weekend maybe find there is no picking on you might buy up what are you got against that solidity meter in is installed started using it i found a way and it simple when you get to war enough serenity you're gonna that's right that's correct i guys oh.

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