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And i think after that the game is over i do think frankly given the numbers. Michelle stands in opposition bipolar. So a couple of things there. I initiates ib georgia's father comes from tunisia. Just want to give flag that. That's okay You're still brothers. The second i do want to your point about sort of who's got votes. I do want to point out with the precinct data in the globe analysis That they publish this week. Says that wou- quote finished first or second in seventeen of the city's twenty two wards and never finished below third and quote which does suggest sort of a front runner status at this part. As i turn to you maria francis. I wanna play a little bit of sound from dorchester. Smell of bush who toll. Wb you are that the two remaining candidates need to up their presence in black neighborhoods and talk about issues important there to earn that final vote. You're going gonna talk about climate change. Talk about what matters to our t. Unity let it public health issues whether it's has of the cost of health The cost of living in areas where we have high particulate matter. We also know. Mary francis from wbz zone. Polling housing is huge. Kovic is huge and race is huge for voters of boston. What kind of discussion do you wanna see from the two finalists going forward schorr and like i and i would disagree a bit with jim. The candidates actually have pretty robust platforms. Which which. I've looked through. And i feel like there is a distinction in in the platforms especially with wu and asaba george. So there's a choice there that's fairly clearly laid out. I think voters but what. I would love to hear more from the candidates. I think it is about the candidates positions clearly but it's also about folks understanding their own power. And what i'd love to hear more is about the engagement that these candidates Their engagement plans for communities. Whether it's engaging folks on the plant local planning level or in you know city level budget discussions but what's the plan to include citizen voice in continuing to creep policy solutions. That work for everybody wears an issue that you see particular opportunity to do that. Murray francis i well so on the november second ballot there will be a ballot question about Adding elements of participatory budgeting to the city and to the the processes on the city level. So i feel that's a that's a perfect place to start so. Let's talk for a minute about acting boston. Mayor kim genie on wednesday. We spoke with meghan irons from the boston globe. Here's what she said about genie's loss. We learned that is extremely difficult for kim janey. The candidate to proceed with a mayoral campaign while also dealing with being a mayor of boston a sitting near boston and in the end it voters just were really feeling that as well turnout was huge in it low and by huge there she means important and let me just throw the number one eight hundred four.

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