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The latter But I think it's time to restore Jackie Kennedy's rose garden This was all you know now Melania's was done with private contributions Jackie Kennedy would have to be restored to private contributions So anyhow we'll see where that goes So to pick up your phone calls here on anything goes Friday Russell and Hendersonville North Carolina Hey Russell what's on your mind today Hey Tom Hendersonville is a town of about 4000 people and they recently had a leave of people rally There's probably 300 people 400 people in attendance And mostly it was against masks and vaccines and everything but they definitely had Q and on people and Trump people and whatnot But what I thought was interesting is they had the mayor who's a passer running from excuse me And he goes up and does a little speech and he talks about we need to put our God on take your sword to smack down the non believers and your shield Anyway it was very strange And I'm kind of a big guy and I wear a lot of military surplus sort of stuff And I thought I'm going to go down there and see if this rallies all about it I'm standing there The guy comes up to me and he goes hey listener Did you hear about the antifa And I was like no what And he goes yeah there are going to be massing down by the freeway and we're all going to go down and check it out And I don't really want to hear about this And he goes well it was on the website for the thing and there was a lady in the crowd who told me about it and you want to come on down and I sit down and it's not really my thing but what I thought was interesting is a year before another fellow who owns a business in Hendersonville they had another rally and he said the same thing I have a starting to them and so it's almost like you were saying there's every time there's any kind of right wing movement or right wing organization or something that has something to do and even our small town there's this spot or something that comes into the website and says oh antifa's mapping And this is massing at the freeways And it's always at the freeway And I virtually guarantee to you Russell that it is the Hendersonville North Carolina Facebook group Have you checked that out No no I didn't You know I didn't look at the I just saw the little signs around town and my wife and I at first thought it might be something that had to do with people as group more But then we looked and saw oh my God it's going to be a right wing rallied She said I just can't go and I said well I have to go see this is all about So I didn't really look at the site I just heard from the guy standing there Fascinating So it's concerning that the whole I was sort of heartened in the fact that I went into town and after I saw the rally and there were thousands of people going about their business and it was just about 10% of the town It was a friend Right right But it's still scary because he was just on the edge of the preacher going to be married was just on the edge of being you know going and kill somebody I mean the way it sounded it was take your armor and slight the unbelievers and smite those who make you do masks during it was just really I'm guessing probably more people have been killed in the name of religion than pretty much anything else over throughout history Maybe land grabs agricultural land but you know they've got to be competing with each other Russell I need to move a lot of things There's an excuse Yeah Thank you for sharing No matter who it is Yeah thanks for sharing a grim story with us this morning Keep us up to date on how things are going and Hendersonville North Carolina Appreciate it Mike in four Collins Colorado hey Mike what's on your mind today Well I wanted to kind of bring you up to date on kind of on the GOP in this state How they think you know did you have elections in Colorado on Tuesday Yeah Yes we did Yes we did Donald Trump tied that beat here Donald Trump tied ex senator Corey Gardner to him and got beat And then there has been discussions I think probably brought it up about the GLB taking over School districts They had four GOP backed candidates here in Fort Collins for the school district They were all beaten by like ready to step children And the ones and then they're thinking I've heard it Whatever I get it And Lauren boebert's just Lauren boebert's district Martha county which is in the northwest part of accounting wars on the article on the post this morning They voted down on Tuesday Funds to Talk about an app to fund the EMF Well the EMS up there can't even handle it We're talking about emergency medical services Yeah Why would somebody want to defund EMS Well it's a conservative anti tax county And so they just don't want to pay the taxes for it or is it that they're concerned that the EMS people are like transporting people to the hospital for COVID I didn't really say I think that they just I guess they think that the EMS is going to go to the out there to the Dollar Tree Because you know the far fringe they're actually is this theory now that you shouldn't go to the hospital if you have COVID they say because that's where they kill people I mean it has become that insane It'd be their response to us right now or slow enough of disease and they've had to call like annulus from Utah to help And the person that is kind of ahead of the services will stay as long as we can but we may have to shut this thing down And I mean that's so did the effort to defund EMS in your county succeed or fail It failed right No No no no this is market county I'm an alert Okay well I'm off for counted them Yeah Well they are not defunding them They're just not going to give them any more money And it's not enough to sustain them I see And I mean you got a problem There's multiple steps that advance are counting I think it's right It's about as big as a state of kinetic A 13,000 people in it And so you guys summarize it could be holding on as long as there is paid growth you cut your leg off with a team so you have a problem Yeah You got a problem I just don't see I guess they just figured that we're given we'll give them too much money paying.

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