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Silently because electric Motors are quiet. You may have spotted Audi's e Tron and a Super Bowl ad this year. It's for sale right now later this year, the first electric Mercedes and Porsche. So electrified, tesla showed that you could make a luxury electric car for a profit that got the attention of other luxury carmakers also government regulations from California, and other states that promote electric vehicles, automakers used to respond to these mandates halfheartedly. They build what's called a compliance car. Chelsea Sexton an industry consultant electric vehicle advocate explains it is expensive. It's low volume it's hard to get. It's somehow engineered to be a little bit unattractive in some way, very low range, at cetera et cetera often, they'd only for sale in the states that have mandates automakers would then point to poor sales to say electric vehicles just. Aren't profitable Sexton calls that a self-fulfilling prophecy. If long things aren't available. They're never going to sell people can't buy what isn't out there, but the new premium electric vehicles, the ones going toe to toe with tesla. They're available in every state and the cars themselves are not the compliance cars of old, one of them to struck me about the Audi Tron is that it was so normal. Rebecca Lynn Linda as an independent auto analyst, you're not compromising, you're not sacrificing your driving a really good outy. And by the way, it's electric more affordable electric cars, which have been on the market for years are promoted as EKO friendly Electric's, but ask Jaguar executives why the company made the I pace and you won't hear the word emissions executives say the goal was to make a crossover that drives, like a sports car analyst, Sam bull. Samad says this is part of a broader strategy. There's a certain segment of the audience that wants an environmentally friendly. Vehicle. They want to show off their green credentials. But the reality is that most consumers just wanna have a nice car that drives. Well, looks good for a long time cars, like Tesla's were bought by early adopters like Alex Scheffer as he drives his tesla model s around Arlington Virginia. He says he's been waiting impatiently.

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