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Alright Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Feast your eyes in tune your ears it's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they've built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building, your audience attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host, Brian S Arnold. All right. We are back again with another episode of the projects. It is Brian Arnold here in you project, we want to attach authority to your name so you can sell more of what you agree that I am here my new good friend here JODI KRANKL OPUS right. Yes. Yes. We are excited today it is a casual, Friday? can be very catches. Day Nice Fun Conversation, and we are going to be talking about how important audio branding is to your companies will being is that Jodi? Yeah. A lot of reasons. We're we're going to dive into it. We're GONNA dive into it but before we go any further, please tell everyone here How who you are personally and professionally. personally I am a card carrying Geek. Okay okay. Yes so you know D. and comic books and Sci fi fantasy and all of that stuff and can talk about firefly in doctor who and all of that stuff if you want. I'm also a musician. So I'm a singer and I put out an album in two thousand fifteen that I did with colleague friend of mine in the UK. So we did it sort of remotely. Yeah which was really a lot of fun mostly in the jazz blues traditional kind of format and professionally I have been voice actor fulltime since two, thousand seven. So I have been using my voice to make other people money for a long time. Also. I got a question about that later. But. Let's talk about your current project. Are you currently working right now? well, voice acting basically. I. Also have a podcast of my own called audio branding the hidden gem of marketing. I talk about how sound influences us in a lot of different ways. But usually as it pertains to things like buying habits and you know things that make us open our wallets a little more. No okay, we didn't get into that I want to actually quick question 'cause I'm just curious. Is is voice over the voice of a business. That's Bloomberg. Booming right. Now you get. In yeah, it really is. It really depends on what industry you're doing it for. Him before covert hit I was doing a lot of things in the hospitality and Tourism and all that kind of stuff which I love doing. But unfortunately, it hasn't been all that booming lately. Okay. That makes sense. Things have kind of switched into the health care finance, insurance, kind of industries, and luckily when. Difficulties hit people tend to want comforting voices and they before this hit they were kind of looking for the millennial and younger types of voices that were like barely voiceover. You know like nothing put on at all I mean just like barely just talking to your your your people you know like just that's it right and now they not that it's put on but they want a bit more of the comfort. So they want the the warm and welcoming and maybe authoritative but still approachable type of sound because you've worn comforting. Example comforting sound. Yeah exactly which. Fits into. Not Wish this to happen for that to happen right I'm doing. Okay. Gotcha Gotcha. So tickets a little deeper now into. I guess I'm going to say this. Like how you fell in love with sound basically if I could say that the right in the right way. Yeah. While I have always sung, that's definitely been a part of my upbringing my parents raised us by By having a single time, not storytime that was. That was our bedtime ritual. Say Yes it was it was wonderful. My Mum's a singer in my died as guitar player mostly actually he mostly plays plays piano right now but all by ear and really followed his example. Played Piano by ear to really. Yes. I'm just learning piano. For I've wanted to do it for a long time everyday working on piano because I'm singing to ask great but I wanted to learn some an the nursing theory. So does this is great stuff that's lacking. Tough it is. For now imagine, right. Yeah should have learned it when I was a kid but I didn't have the patience. To. House. Like these keys Mike now I can't do it. So this this this get into this into. This thing about brain because I've never heard of it before. Why disown portent to have breed sound. Are. We talking about jingles what what what, what are we talking about here branding audio about at all actually and audio branding seems to be or have been a lot more popular in Europe. The Europe has had this down pat for many years now in fact, they have the audio branding academy which I think's started in I wanNA say. I WANNA say two thousand. Oh my goodness I. Now, but I think it was. Like two thousand, eight or something like that like it's it's been around for a while I could be wrong about that date, but it's pretty early like. Not, as early as it could be but like earlier than US in North America you know. Right, right right and they actually have awards for sound in is like. How to me awards face right right Kinda. Cool. But it sort of encompasses a lot of things when you're talking about branding a lot of people say that's what people say about you when you leave the room. So it's who you are, what you, what you project and people getting to know and like entrust you is part and parcel of all of that. So if you are only concentrating on the visual of that. You're missing out because you can make a really deep connection with people using audio. So that could be the music using your videos. It could be the music use on you're on hold it could be the sound effects that you use in your videos. It could be the voice that you use in your videos you know is that voice more casual or more formal? Do they use contractions? Do they not use contractions like how does your what is your company project as its image? And and that should be an all around sensory experience. It shouldn't just be visual. The. We're talking about the well being of becoming. Do you think that should be somebody from your company or can be.

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