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The Joe Rogan experience. By Joe Rogan podcast my. What's up and didn't see man I did this? Yeah, good to see you. I I had been pestered about four million times, or when you're getting on Rogan's podcast I'm like. Why don't you ask Grogan? I don't I. Don't know so when you finally asked I'm like who who I was excited. I. Feel Like I've made it. With so many people have asked me when I've worn your shirt this people. WHAT DOES THIS SHIRT RHINO SHIRT? What is that? That's Cafaro? That's your backpack company and. Because I've worn this on the podcast people? Nine. When. Yeah Yeah I'm sure that brackets old I have to respect the amount of people that how many times you've changed your phone number in the last ten years multiple. Keep it moving, yeah! Got To. Keep the movement and we have to copy. You I've got one tenth of the following you do I just? It's hard to keep keep up and people especially how sensitive they get when you don't respond to them, and it's like get angry. Guys like no, you're not that busy. Really you don't really know. People get real weird, but that kind of stuff when they want something you know it's like there's some people that will tax. You don't tax them right back. They'll send you. Question marks like question question. Yeah, it gets. It's weird. Trying to a little did I know where I would end up in life compared you kind of where I started from, and then now. It's funny. My Wife. She knew me and we met in oh seven. Phone computer living in the woods slept on thermostat mattress. Phone or computer? Oh seven! It was bad I. You know what I think. I might have got to flip flown right around that time frame. And I was sleeping on a and this is a no bullshit story. She'll tell you. I had gotten divorced and kind of made this you know, do whatever I I wanted to get out in the woods a lot so I slept on therm rest air mattress in my you bring chicks over there like. Fuck is this? I just had this. You know twenty four inch white backpacking masters I slept on that and just save money for whatever hunting getting outdoors and then. She and I you know skirt dated for a while. Then we were apart for several years and we got back together. She's like who the fuck are you look? We're in Walmart Deluxe nine are. That a friend of yours I'm like I have no idea who that is, and she skipped all that time and then marketing and wired in all the time. She's like Are you different person at different body because I was not different. She just. Sheets. She knew me as the low tech. Do it just with anti. Because of your podcast like. That's probably what in and then gritty bomb before that all of that stuff forums and All that different stuff. Well known and then. Went from there. Well that world that world of outdoor enthusiasts and backpack hunters is such a rabid world. The guys who are really into that for people don't understand. It's. If you combined ultra marathon running rucking and hunting together. It's kind of all those things because it's. We've talked about it on the on the podcast before and I know I've brought you up before, but it's that world is. It's the combination of Athlete I. Don't like when people call hunting sport. 'cause I think it's more of a disciplined. It's a weird thing to call it a sport because it's not like there's a game going on. It's it's your hunting an animal. Yes, it's a discipline but it also requires athleticism. It requires the kind of workout that. If you're going to be able to make fifteen miles into the back country with a forty pound pack on, you have to be an insane shape, and you've got to be able to get out with an animal on your back and multiple trips. It could take you several days like the the just the taxing effect. It has on the human body, so the guys that are into that Shit. When they run into a guy like you. That's legit. They get very rabid. It's it's crazy and I mean there's the well I would say Cam, kicked it off right he was. The, not the you know, people get sensitive about that. Cam was not the original, but cameras the original that everybody new. Book to a great book well, and he was a guy that you know you going back like he was the first one to promote backpack hunting with a platform like I'm not the first stick bow guy. Just for stick I was the platform. You know what I mean like I'm them the dude that re curve that you know somewhat known where for people that don't fall hunting. Let me explain you. Aaron got too good at shooting with a compound bow, which is probably one of the hardest ways the hunt, so he decided to shoot with fucking like Medieval Bo. Let's talk about how that got started, so. I was I was I, was you in fact? I Made Fun of stick bogus like I was bad like I was truly mean to him like somebody. Come down. You know so for people don't understand when you go to an outdoor range. You've got one long line, and you've got targets on the far right, which is like the five pound weights at the gym in on the far left. You've got to two hundred pound dumbbells. That's one hundred yard bail. So I'm over at the one hundred yard shooting Reinhardt eighteen in one, hundred, hundred twenty, and I would have stick. Go guys, come down to me and tell me on ethical for shooting that distance and I would be like. You can't hit the bail down there at ten yards. You're at the trump side. What are you giving me Shit for any? GotTa. Tell your unethical for shooting at a target. Practicing that range like what would they? It was weird. It was weird in it. Why is that the People WanNa do that? They WanNa tell you what you're doing is wrong. I I don't human nature. I guess. I ended up doing a podcast talked about you. Know God forbid you breakdown mathematically right? You can break down the speed of an Arrow and the accuracy and. You take a guy you shooting whatever two hundred ninety feet per second. How long does it take his era to get eighty yards? How long does it take to get from one hundred seventy feet per second to thirty five yards, so I kinda even all that up and said well here's. Apples to apples, oranges doorns it. Faulk I got hate mail I mean. You're a horrible hunter. You're using your ability instead of hunting skills. You know to shoot and. So it was like fuck it. I sold everything I had every compound every site. Every I didn't want that temptation and I'm like I'm GONNA shoot up. We'll see right. I will see how good I can get shot a stick, so you just because of people's reaction to you. You decided to go to a re Curva the. For, people to understand the difference. So this can be. Absorbed by people don't hunt. The difference when you have a compound bow. You have sight on a compound that will allow you to scroll out you roll out like some. My sight is set at thirty yards. That's where it's normally set at, but you can go all the way to one hundred twenty yards, and when it does is it raises your pin, so it changes. Were the pin goes up and down in the pin is how you aim, so you can get really accurate if your guy like campaigns. I mean he shoots. At one hundred yards all the time and you know he can get into a small group at one hundred yards John Dudley the same thing. It's very accurate, whereas with a re curve Oh, there's no site..

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