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Studies says the North Atlantic right whale is one of the rarest species of whale on the planet. They number only about four hundred eleven the centers aerial survey team spotted to mom and calf pairs in Cape Cod. Bay on Thursday that brings the number seen in New England waters alone this year to three that's big news because the whales population has been falling. And no Cavs were seen last year. The whales give birth off Georgia and Florida in the winter and travel to feeding grounds off New England in the early spring, the classic film when Harry met Sally is being celebrated at the TC M classic film festival. The Ed Donahue has a look at the now thirty year old movie. Billy, crystal played Harry. Meg Ryan played Sally have numbers men friends in there is no sex involved, though, you yes, I do. Yes. I do think though, the two went through various relationships and talk about them, the movie included a scene at a diner. I'll have what she's having rob Reiner was the director. He says relationships dating have changed a lot since one thousand nine hundred nine, but when it comes to men and women, you know, their basic proves that that that do that are universal. They do stand at this time. So hopefully, that's why people still connect with. Meg Ryan Sally was there. And so it was Harry, Billy crystal. It was thrilling when they said we want to honor the film after all these years. Meg Ryan says the chemistry with crystal made when Harry met Sally so special. I'm Ed Donahue, nineteen sixty nine in the future of two teams hinged on a coin flip the coin come up failed. That coin flip gave them a walkie bucks. The first pick in the NBA draft. And they signed the player they selected in April of nineteen sixty nine Liu L cinder, aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar jabbar's joining the bucks. Made the team instant contenders for championship. He was on his way to a great career six championships and the league's all time leader in career points. But he credits much of a success to the players who got him the ball. If you look at the top five men in assists. Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson guy. Rodgers wasn't for them and knee playing with them. You can go and stand in visit in and wait for the guards the ball. I know a lot of centers out there debt. Never never happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening to ribbon. AP radio news checking when the department of homeland security says despite tweets by President Trump, it won't be sending immigrants to be detained in sanctuary cities..

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