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Get some type of lifting in and just working on podcast related stuff and. Try Not to not to cook and be able to breathe because the weather's been really bad like yesterday. My thorough is all from the smoke. That is it was it was terrible. I. Wonder How long that Smokes GonNa last for? When I guess, we shouldn't be surprised right we talk about it every year. Yeah. Yeah it's It's kind of gross. Yeah. What about you mark going on? I'll probably just go on another walk. I might get some training today some lifting much sure I got in A. Like a mile walk before we hopped on here today. So I guess we'll see trained some legs yesterday legs are pretty sore. Yeah maybe later on today I'll get an opportunity to train some boobs mobile see. Fun Getting BOOBS, little? Bit. ENGULFED WITH FLOOD Great. Take us on out of here Andrew, thank you everybody for today's episode. Hopefully, you are as fired up as we are. If you are please let us know in the comments section of wherever you're watching this and do everything that ray cash said you know write stuff down let us know if you're going to take action not just GonNa take this motivation and just like oh That's good episode. Then tomorrow do the same shit you've been doing since the start of the year. Let's yeah. Let's improve. Let's get better and please make sure you on the podcast at Mark Bells Power Project on INSTAGRAM AT MB power project on Tiktok in twitter. My instagram is at Andruzzi and see if people won't give you a shout out or hit you how can they do so? It's Youtube Betsy my Yin Yang on twitter mark. Share this out with as many people as he can if you're confused and don't know how to get yourself motivated and fired up and get yourself head in the right direction. This is the podcast for you and with Ray Cash Moose great having him on the show today and like I said hopefully get a chance to link up with him in the near future I'm at Mark Smelly Bell Strengthens, never weakness week never strength catch you later..

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