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Welcome back, and let's go to Georgia next Tricia is on the air electrician. Paul. How are you are doing? Great. Thank you for the call. Thank you. I. Love Your Show. Almost every day Alabama a love and a huge Bama Fan. Just, cannot wait for SEC football to start My question is are really love. when you had like mark and Danny all show and you had Laura and Greg Barcus all of your. Live interviews are you GonNa? Have that going forward and the other question is the SEC nation on Saturday will y'all be doing that. Well, it looked the saying. How will all that? Let me try to find the best way to answer all of these questions Tricia to say the least we are still dealing with a lot of restrictions and therefore some of the segments that we have normally had on this program with Mark Danny and others We are unable to do right now because of that as far as the the SEC nation show. The initial plan is not to take it out on the road. And one would only hope that later in the year that could change I don't know but I do know that the season will begin with that show being done from various locations. So you will have the SEC nation it just. Still, be on. You know in the past, we would do our Friday show there, and then of course, that's show. But but that is going to be different issue year. We will not be able to to be anywhere but here on Friday, which is which is tough because that was probably my favorite show of the week I mean we'd have coaches and fans and and and obviously would lead into Saturday morning but. I don't know all the details and I don't know wh- exactly what the restrictions are, but it's a challenging show to to take on the road. Right now so In unless something changes might be my best understanding is. Will Not be on campus. But, at least we'll get to see you on Saturdays so that'll that'll be binding. So thank you so much and. You just keep doing what you're doing. We all love watching your show and you do a great job. Thank you Thank you very much. smokey is up next from Tennessee, hello smokey. A doctor sign and your that interview with Phil There I. Think he hit the nail right on the head as good as anybody ever has interviewed like that. But Paul, let me ask you this going to a ten game. In schedule. Year like we are you think this will prompt the sec in the future maybe going to nine games or do you think after we beat up on each other and maybe even Alabama has a couple of losses say Now? No, we we can't do that again. smokey I don't believe it's going to change anything Partly, because the more SEC games, the more losses for SEC schools, the less likely end the the large number of schools will go to a bowl game and that's really important and this year. I think I. Think you and I are going to be eligible for a ballgame. That's how desperate the Bulls are. But Hey. quarterback. Well, good. The problem is that. In the past when it's been brought up, that's always been what I've been told the reason you have. You add seven more losses to the conference and that's going to affect some schools a lot. Yeah. Yeah I I I totally agree and that's that's the way I look at it. But lot of people that you see in interviews on TV. That's what they say. We're tired of a cream puff gain. Why don't we just do this and this, and they're not really seeing the big picture because I firmly believe even Alabama could limp after this season's with. Well, the SEC Games are always the toughest for a lot of reasons You know there everybody knows everybody. Was One or two exceptions. The Games are going to be more physical. I. Think you're always going to get that Tennessee, Oklahoma Alabama southern cal game. The one game that I think people could live without I'd game. Against the schools which comes a week before the end of the season but as soon as you say that I say. Coaches maintain they really need that game after the long grind after after ten conference after ten games to give them a breather before they play the the end of the season rivalry game. Yeah I not say that I coached high school ball and You know your stars gives you a chance. If you go out there and get your big late, you let them rest and hips those guys he'll up a bit. But now this season I mean I think it's GonNa be wild. I mean week after week you just get through playing Auburn we got. Mixed Lsu or WHO's next Florida I mean it's just it's going to be wild way finishes the Palme last question before the Paul what's your opinion on Cape May and and the NC double a. saying no to his transfer to Tennessee and be able to play. Do you think Kirby Smart really is is holding that up not giving him a letter of recommendation. smokey I know I don't think the call I don't know the minutia of that deal. I know some of it. I don't I don't know exactly whether Kirby. Would would have a major say so or not anyway, we have to go to a break. Thanks for the call. Great to hear from you. We will talk about the situation in a minute. We've had quite a show. If you just getting off work just getting home getting anywhere Brian Kelly join US earlier. Fantastic conversation with the Notre Dame coach. Brent Sworn Amon from the Houston Chronicle is up next. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. And we welcome you back to our program and it's great to have. Everyone here, and now it's time for fans..

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