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And ninety four lawn from abc news i'm michelle franzen president trump is said to authorise declassifying the last case files this week about the assassination of president john f kennedy abc's david reid has more the president's discretion that some of these documents could be withheld and that would depend on the case being made by the intelligence services or the fbi in a vicious a president president trump who has feuded with the intelligence agencies and with the fbi director so in some ways it's no surprise that he's and find overrule those agencies objections and release these documents to back and forth rhetoric between the us and north korea continues to heat up at the same time secretary of state rex tillerson trying to work diplomatic channels and continue the pressure on china to get north korea to curb its nuclear weapons program on abc's this week former general david portray us as the stakes are high all of this is a communication strategy that is trying to make sure that china understands that this administration is a very different situation from any of its predecessors that north korea on this presidents watch could have the capability to hit a city in the united states with a nuclear weapon president trump expected to visit asia for high level meetings in november the numbers are in the effort by five living us presidents for hurricane relief raised millions of dollars abc's kenneth moton is in college station texas with more one america appeal concert help hurricane victims brought in two billion dollars through ticket sales an online giving saturday.

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