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We'll post cost it's Bruce Millington Langdon and Patty pounds. Okay. Can enter the two live primarily games on Sunday. First of all one thirty live on Sky Sports at the what's it called? Now. The John Smith's, isn't it? It's how does filled managerless Huddersfield against Manchester City for a short man city was the latest betting Emmett's Horsfield nineteen to one the draw. Fifteen two months. Anyone days pub migrants who will be leading smart Hudson's. Is hudson. What you like this could be could be only every game as a manage. If you if you mean, maybe just stays in the background so coaching somewhere wants others food. So out that you can see for these days, how shoot Bush's Dortmund reserves manager says writing about that. Yes, they may begin to try and get Wagner to and probably the right thing to do I suppose in fact did a unbelievable job. I mean, I get in them up thing keeping them up probably should've left in the summer. He's taking far. As far as they could go and tones of this game. I think he's exactly the wrong time. I could see the man's that you may be covering this or minus two pretty comfortably always looking for new correct school as the way to go. I mean, they just have seventy percent possession. How does nothing up front? I think they they do well in midfield is FOX's, and that's that's the way you pay your money. That's where men's just mild was better. And I wonder if this is a record maybe for hung teams not to one. Deserved Fatah's food wearing the championship with his team. We know Moi wherever they finishing probably not top sakes. Probably be. If they by doll Samora, probably W'll neutral venue to be over food. So yeah, I think it's going to be easiest just four new March city put Danja city wobble on them. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I caught fancy I'm actually in the in the race to Mike Michael. at four point deficit. I think they should just a guy around me they're going to win. But I really off going for three near worker ex scarlet to could quite easily before five, but how does feel generally I haven't concede lots of the ship six actually I'd say in the reverse fixture. But I knew Maly through the school reasonably respectable go for. Easy win three new just quickly, Malcolm. It says he thinks Liverpool. Hang on just said, they think city win the time when she think Fink I'd probably just age towards Liverpool. Still I mean because full points. Isn't that big lead? But my y'all seats win virtually every go, you know, move news to say that they're going to do that, particularly when the Champions League comes around just won the this season, even pick waters says differently. I just wonder if the Champions League is maybe a bigger deal to see what it is liveable distort as a historically of course, live upon European Cup. It means a lot. But it's a win the Premier League offing, maybe see could get slightly distracted around about that sort of caught fun semi final stage. She will be crucial because if they go saw seven points, Bill and. Okay. Emmett what you think will happen when Huddersfield city. The loud settlements there. I think it's field. Definitely feel sympathy for David Wagner, UP McStay their ability as lots to even get them at the championship without squad was a great achievement. Stay up last year was incredible as well. Just giving the players they have as well. It wasn't in it. Be like a obviously sometimes they were very cautious the bigger sides. But I I like, they're they're pressing style. But as Mark Donovan often in in both boxes of interesting how Vagner goals when he goes to maybe if he goes back to Germany or something like that. But here I you can't see what is competing here. I think city city to eleven ten okay. So they've got win by three or more for that bet Sakaba of the the other primarily game..

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