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Will show continues Tuesday evening one of our favorite guys we can talk about just about anything with this guy Chris rose joining us on the show tonight Chris what's so what's going on man how you doing nothing and everything older baseball football so how are you great I mean let's start with the baseball fan I have maybe some off the beaten path thoughts about this that I want to talk with you but first let me just get your your general reaction and I I really kind of did what you were doing on social media was was just kind of opening up a form to Astros fans and letting them come to you know get it off their chest whether be good bad or otherwise what would you sort of find their well it you know the kind of put it in perspective let's remember that was the first World Series championship in twenty seventeen the Astros you know who've been around for fifty plus years and it was coming in the wake of it is you know a natural disaster with the hurricane and the back and then so we we tend to kind of forget how much it meant to that community and to those lifelong fans and so you you certainly can't blame the fans for anything that they're feeling some of them were saying that you know those memories can never get taken away from me I've been so much to me and my family including family members were no longer around but at the same time someone said that if you know what I kind of feel crappy inside because this is the way it it it role some of them said I don't give a damn yeah what we got a ring and after hours forever and you know I mean who am I to sit here and judge I mean I wouldn't feel that way if you know you know me I'm a Cleveland fan if it came out somehow that the K. as in twenty sixteen it cheated in that all known yet it still hold a championship but I'd look at it in a different light well Chris it's totally did see them here remember the dream on green suspension I mean now lebron duty manager that cell so yeah we talk about that if you want the cavs made all of those because you know I mean he's somebody if on a dream or such good friends we talked to dream up for saying he wanted to do this and you know will play out like a wrestling match you can get suspended you'll still have two more games after that no words whatever we voters the major a major conspiracy theory here this good no thank you I I exactly dollar you know here's the thing about it it's it's sort of hard for me because I think in general I agree with you I agree with how that would not necessarily feel right for instance I think there's a Francisco fans many of whom won't necessarily voice this but they're San Francisco fans were happy that when the giants finally broke through Barry Bonds wasn't on the team anymore that that kind of thing in the feels a little bit clearer the other side to this though is Chris I am having the hardest time believing that the teams the Astros in red Sox beat aren't doing this till okay I mean it you know it there's one report out there that says there's another eighteens beside the Boston in Houston that they've been doing something over the last few years that's possible if so let's have an investigation I can't sit here and say well of course everybody was doing it and that I don't like hearing that I mean like that's to me that's like a bad way to parent like if your kid says well everybody else is doing it well I only care about you I got I I only care about you and I get the facts on you so I can only deal and make judgments on situations where I have the fact you know the the rest of it I mean do we know that the Toronto Blue Jays were doing it do we know if the Colorado Rockies like I don't know I don't know so to me it's ridiculous to sit here and make accusations assumptions we just don't know well no that's that's totally fair is interesting you put it that way in terms of parenting I said the exact same thing with the exact same example last night on on the show to talk about if you know your kid brings home a grade that you don't like it is as well everybody struggled on that as a no no we're we're talking about you so I agree with you it doesn't excuse anything I guess my question just as a fan is when I'm sitting here watching sports am I to believe that one team knows what pitches are coming the other team doesn't and they play close games and have the same record and go seven games like that that just doesn't seem possible so it's not excusing the Astros it's the first thing you said it's I I'd like to see this go further well it may I mean it it all depends on who talks in you know let's remember eighty it only came to the forefront because of the column in the athletic by Ken Rosenthal L. Evans relatives because the former astro in Mike Myers went on the record and that's how this sort of stuff happens so if there are any former I don't wanna say disgruntled former employees but you know if you go back and look Mike buyers with laptop the twenty seventeen playoff roster he was non tendered by Houston he went to Detroit and at Oakland since then and he said he did this is a warning to his younger teammates that every time you going to Houston you have to protect yourself or if you're gonna get smacked around because I know first hand they are cheating and then he decided to come to the forefront with it Chris rose joining us on these boards later what what's the big picture Chris what is what what is the fall out here for baseball well Paul is first of all to me it's terribly sad and I actually said that earlier today on Twitter right after outscoring the red Sox decided to mutually part ways in part because those were two guys who I enjoyed having conversations with I thought they were excellent managers I thought that they were always open and honest with us and now we're getting a different side of the story so it's terribly sad now I ask with forty filling in for Kevin Millar as we got international talk at you clip if your manager who's got some cashing in this game let's say a Francona god it's been successful and seemingly has the respect of his clubhouse in spring training would you expect him to have a meeting with this team it says listen guys if you were stacked big game yourselves and me and what the front office is doing here stop the B. acts if there's anything that's going on here that could put ours our team and me in jeopardy are you want to think about it shop every day it was like that's what's gonna happen in thirty clubhouses Grimsley is gonna have to be Terry Francona it could be a rookie manager and so you know that the you need to do that and I do think that this will act this punishment that was dished out by the commissioner yesterday is going to be a huge deterrent moving forward now some people say well Chris the players are still gonna keep because they didn't get popped yesterday if the we are shipped takes a backpack that I just discussed I guarantee if those players have any sort of respect for the people they're working with and for it will stop yeah I I mean I gotta agree with you there I mean you look at AJ Hanson Alex Cora these guys were at the top of the sport yeah they're not old and and so we're we're sitting here now wondering what what happens next and what happens forever do you do you think that they get back in at some point so it's the staff is still really raw here's Mike got feeling I think that if those two guys corn in here get out in front of this and I'm not talking about just putting out an initial statement that's what they need to do they have to kind of figure out where they go from here but I have a sit down interview with sports is version of Oprah you know and fall on the sword and it made their wrong doings we are a forgiving society those guys are uber talented with what they do they are very very good managers you mentioned how young they are they're both in their forties they're both former like marginal players they can identify with superstars and also the twenty fifth guy on the roster so that sort of leadership would be covered it but they have to be willing to say I'm not point any fingers except in their own direction now would lose out he is different now I only know him by his shaking hands with him a couple times that I've seen him during the World Series routes of a reviews three seasons of Houston I think he's gonna have a proper time I lost all respect for him when he traded for overdose you know last year I mean that really kind of showed us all exactly what he is built in his organization win at all cost I don't give a damn I'll make sure that I'm gonna go buy low on a guy who did it but he's being suspended seventy five games for violating the league's domestic violence issue there and then it could not handle things of the World Series with his assistant GM Brandon Papa where he let AJ Hinch flap in the wind and have to be the first state to talk about this hours before the first pitch of game one of the World Series yet he should have been a one in front of that he should've been up there with with ownership and with the team president not AJ Hinch discussing that took that bad in my opinion it lacks leadership can you build a baseball team become one hundred games and a World Series absolutely what I hire me the leader of people No Way yeah amen to that by the way who is sports Oprah is that you could that be you well that definitely not in the wallet nor the talent but in that case let me try this out it was right thank you be you handy on suspensions actually in this particular you'll get a suspension this is bad hi Chris roses with us I don't want you to get out of here without talking a little football your stuff with the on on the forty Niners and doctors in particular has been an absolute blast what what did you gathered from him with regard to this game what what pops out with this match up the second time around I think it's gonna take Green Bay to play its best game of the year to win I really believe that I mean I watched that Sunday night game in week twelve very closely and that was a dispatch from go you know from the first driver Rodgers was sacked inside and then coughed up the ball and if you know it was pretty much over you could change the channel after that and it was probably also the high point of the year for San Francisco in terms of its most complete game to get that solid solid team you know the thing is is that what we saw Sunday night with Aaron Rodgers against Seattle you still have the ability to win games and he used to throw the last ride the the thirty two yarder that he had to Adams and then the lady Jimmy Graham I'm third night just show you that will if they're close that that's not the if you're not interested and it's not the guy you want to be great right you know so but given that I understand I feel really count but it is they're playing great I thought I thought that date sharing and call the great game the other day run it almost fifty times yeah only only allowing grapple to throw it nineteen I perfect and what the defense do the rest because the on board returning made such a huge difference for them they look healthy up front and and arrested after that bye week after having a grueling five week stretch work every game was coming down to the seemingly the last thirty seconds I expect big things for for the Niners on Sunday Chris big week great to have you appreciated so much before you run you ready for the big finish let's do it let's roll Chris rose on the big finish these these wars leader here's Marc okay Chris two categories you pick one you want to.

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