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A low. Hello, hello. This is Adrian Bergen. This is generation bold the fountain of truth, and there's a lot of truth that come out during our show. But today part of that truth is that we can be inspired by others. And if we talk about a walking inspiration machine, we're gonna be talking about Diana naiad that she's one of those folks who I think actually needs no introduction because for many many decades, actually you've been hearing about her in the news. You know, that she is a legendary stripper, you know, that she has a wonderful book out a find away. And we'll talk about why she named the book quite that. But from the Wall Street Journal to the Houston times, they call it a gripping thriller. Why? Well, of course, as a legendary swimmer you may have remembered that she's been in the news since nineteen seventy. Five when she swam around then Hatton, much, more recently a hundred and ten point eight six miles around Cuba to Florida and much more. But she also has a mission, and that mission is something that she, and I share we've talked about it many times and then get up and move. And so we'll also talk about a wonderful mission. She has that she's promoting called ever walk. We'll find out exactly what that's about. So our quest to successful aging. Was speaking today with Diana diet? So thank you so much for being on the show today. It's entirely my pleasure. And I must say no we're going to get into walking that a couple of weeks ago when you and I and a couple hundred other people walked the beautiful city of Philadelphia all day long. I know I was out there for ten hours. I love spending time with you. You're such a forceful, energetic personality. So I'm so glad we're in this world of walking together. Adrian where we are. And you can see some videos of that on ever walking on free workers. But what I will tell you. If you were there. You would have just been thrilled, Diana, not only let us, but she bugles us. So tell us a little bit about that. And let us know about ever walk. You know, clearly, I'm not a professional horn player. There's a there's a a little bit of comic relief to my bugle playing. But. You know, every time and it was five times. I tried to make it across that epic ocean. They call it the Mount Everest of the earth oceans that straight between Havana, Cuba and Key West Florida. The great swimmers of the world had tried since nineteen fifty including me as you mentioned way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight is kind of the holy grail. All the obstacles, you could name the mighty Gulfstream the particular sharks the deadly box jellyfish. I could make you a long list add tried to make it across. And every time I stood on that Havana shore, my teammates out in the boat. Bonnie my head handler and best friend next to me on the shore. I blew Reveille. I thought. And that means we all know what it means all the world around. It means it to the military. But it means it to us civilians to get up get up at dawn. Don't miss this day, go after whatever you're going after you might not get there. You might not get there today, but you are not gonna sleep your life away. So that's that's kind of my song and now with ever walk which is initiative Bonnie, and I started three and a half years ago to get as you said just people up enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the United States of America forgetting about politics for just a least a few minutes of our day. We're looking up at the gorgeous trees last that Philadelphia city is I candy, you know, from the beautiful little cobblestone alley ways to the river with those both houses lined up majestically. It was just it was just I was in a state of sheer delight all day and all of us. You're on a high. You're doing something a little bit difficult that day we walk twenty six point two miles more than a lot of people would care to walk, and you don't need to walk that far. But you could go out and walk down to the corner to get your newspaper and back and feel the earth under your feet feel the power of your stride. You know, didn't start looking at the horizon and the beautiful clouds and think who you wanna be what you wanna do with the rest of your life. So I'm I'm finding walking to be a kind of enlightenment and empowerment kind of thing in my life. And now Bonnie and Tony to bring frankly, we're trying to bring a million people into our movement, and that's a that's a tall order. But we think big and we're thinking big on this one too. Yeah. And I think if anybody can do it it will be you. And certainly Bonnie, and and although you say, we don't talk politics. I have to tell everybody that one of the people who's been actually inspired by Diana is Hillary Clinton, you'll see her endure. Using your book. And I and and it's just so many people have said, this is thrilling to them. They really couldn't understand how you could make this trip this journey by water with the sharks there. They mentioned that you were not in any kind of shark cage. You're very very brave, and so I'm gonna ask you this question. Maybe a little different question. You've had your extremely brave person. And yet when you wanted to engage the world in physical activity you picked walking now, frankly, it's lovely. But there's no break for you. It involved here. Why did you do that? Why of all the sports including your own? Did you concentrate on walking? Well, you know, we're talking about the masses when I just mentioned that our goal is to get a million people in this country. And I'm talking to Sanjay Gupta. Dr Sanjay Gupta from CNN. Now who covered the Cuba swim for several years to you know, he's known as America's doctor about helping us in twenty twenty go to fifty cities in fifty weeks. Every Saturday Bonnie, and I are going to do ten mile walk in fifty capitals of fifty states. And you know, how would we get a million people out in the ocean swimming? Yes, I'm in love with the ocean. I wish I could give that experience to a million people not to mention five or ten, but who else is gonna swim. Let's say from Cuba to Florida. I guarantee you I'm gonna go to my grave, or my, you know, cremation moment, and nobody else. Will have done that swim. That's how difficult it is to do. So am I here to just inspire one person twenty five million people were following Cuba's went by the end? And you know, what they didn't care about swimming. They didn't care about sports. Then they care if I was setting some new all the favor record. They cared about the message. They saw someone who you to give up and a team without getting paid a sense who went for years not getting paid and and and giving their lives away from their families away from their jobs because they were chasing history. We were chasing a grand adventure that had never been done before. And all of the science, and the technology, and the tapping of the human spirit that comes with that swim wasn't just for me. And that's when wasn't just for slimmers. Well, just walking it's not about how hard can you heard? Can you want across the Kalahari desert in one hundred twenty degree heat? I doubt down with high regard for the peop-. Who do run across the collar, Harry desert? I want a million people out doing what you and I did in Philadelphia. The other day feeling the power of moving and.

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