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1st. Once homeowners are signed up through the state, the county's tax credit will apply in the future. Roughly 80,000 reminders were sent out to homeowners from the Montgomery county department of finance with information on how to make sure your properly signed up. Kate Brian, WTO news. The new IRS commissioner Danny were full as promising that the agency will use an $80 billion infusion of cash to become faster, more tech savvy and provide real world improvements to taxpayers, or full says he'll lay out a specific plan this week, showing how the agency is going to use the money that was approved in last year's inflation reduction act. Some of the planned improvements include hiring more people to end long call wait times, additional locations for IRS staff to provide in person service and expanded online accounts. Younger Americans apparently dream of working at Google, a new axios generation lab survey of college students around the country found that Google was seen as the most attractive employer followed by the federal government. The survey also asked students which companies they felt were, quote, doing good in the world. Patagonia topped that list, followed by Google and Tesla, more than 2000 college students were surveyed in that. Coming up after traffic and weather in money news. Buyers now, but still not enough sellers. I'm Jeff gladwell. And a threatening voicemail leads to federal charges against a Maryland man. I'm particularly Ono. It's ten 36. Melwood is accepting unwanted vehicles in any condition. Donating your vehicle to melwood is fast and easy and supports your local community. We accept most vehicles in any condition, even if it's old or doesn't run. To donate, call one 8 7 7 melwood, or visit melwood dot org slash radio, melwood, empowering people with disabilities for 60 years. Call one 8 7 7 to donate today. Book

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