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Partly cloudy. Partly sunny today and tomorrow, slight chance of showers both days highs right around ninety degrees and on Wednesday, partly cloudy, very slight chance of showers upper eighties. Stuck at sixty nine right now. The traffic to get you there. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I. Just ahead of you. Rush Limbaugh daily commentary brought to you by juries. God's serial killer person who commits a series of murders often with no apparent motive and typically following a carrier characteristic, predictable behavior pattern, my definition that guy is a serial killer. Jim Foreside why have the latest on that coming up at seven Chan with his first commentary of the morning. We're ninety eight days away from Christmas ninety eight days. We're under one hundred days and believe it or not. This is bothers me to find the new candy the first new Christmas candy of the season. Are you ready for this? Everybody sitting down. Thank you company called Archie McPhee that makes quote strange in amazing things just started selling MAC and cheese flavored candy canes. Mac and cheese flavored cheese-flavored yellow and white. Striped, candy, right coal. No, thank you. If you're interested. You can get a six pack of them for five dollars from Archie McPhee dot com. But if that's not good enough for you. They also have rotisserie chicken flavored candy canes pickle flavored candy canes. Oh, my favorite clam. Oh, why why it reminds you this jelly belly flavors? They come up with those were awful. Buttered popcorn was just too. Discussing. I can't believe people five dollars for six of them. Make a great gag gift. You're gonna make you gag, Don. Tree. I don't even know my dog would eat them. I don't know maybe the rotisserie chicken one. She there's like roaches rejigging. That's a good idea for your pets. I didn't think about that for five dollars for six of America by rotisserie chicken for that. She'd rather have the real thing. Anybody got to the very overpriced movie multi plex over the weekend. Now I net flicks. All weekend digit. Yeah. I watched a lot of football and slept Saturday mainly yesterday. I was I didn't get a nap all day yesterday for some reason. I don't know why. But Saturday got real really, really good. When I went to a christening for my nephew. Who you guys are? We're going to start working with him shortly because he works over at corporate when we move over. There is still secret. I don't think so we move over there. We'll see them every day. And I was trying to tell my sister there because we went to the christening at the church, and they were doing a little receptionist housing to see this guy every day. I don't need to see him today. But she made me go. She talked me into going. Anyway, it was just like did you see the modern family? When little Joe got Kristen. It was exactly like it. Because I'm not Catholic. I've never been to christening before. And I thought oh my God. How long is this thing go, and it was a standard going? And of course, I lean over to send you just like modern family. She goes. Yeah. It's a christening. So I don't know never been to a christening before. So yes, I went there and saw that. So I did not go to the very overpriced movement multi plex but the predator number. One hadn't had already been out before branch must have gone to the movies. I thought it was already out for back in the eighties. I never saw that one in thought about going to see this one. But that that the none still up there came in at number two that movie you wanted to see with what's your name? Favorite came at number three and the one I really wanna see white boy, Rick. Number four were hammer and that on TV and crazy ridge Asian still in the top five came in at number five. Peppermint, number six, the MAG still hanging out at number seven searching and number eight and that new unbroken the sequel path to redemption came in at number nine in mission impossible rounds out your top ten. Jim foresight is first commentary the morning coming right up. But right now, it's Rush Limbaugh daily commentary. Brought.

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