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But this is Trending, reap again, I don't see Social Media Trending Hashtag replace Ellen. Trending AK47 is the world on that fucking fire. A we'll get to that in. Jesus Christ she was getting checked out. She's good after makes a little more sense Charlotte to John Witter Fiance has to I'm saying that a lot for whatever reason why not? Why not but John Woods start congrats to him and every all success you'd listen. To say that he purposely held his breath and pascal come on man come on some better neck. That's ridiculous. But Apparently I had a heart regularities that may be the this just had a heart cardiogram this morning. Wait for the good news and back to Houston will go. I will enjoy my fam- assured loved ones I'm okay Yeah. Just reschedule the fight there you those two are GonNa fight you know you don't get in this business in hold your breath and trying to pass out also hold your breath and traffic paths out doesn't work that way. Let's he's a great actor, but even then come on, you think what do all this training camp and just was like I'm out dude I wish for all those fans who I don't know if people send them hate or you know judging himself, I wish you could feel the anxiety of fighting another grown professional athlete in a steel cage on TV anxiety is insane and some guys do great with it and but what I will say is. Senior fire you watch has anxiety every single one I know you don't like Shahbazi and he's a pre show. They're all he's just guy loves if I can see him smile and doesn't likeliest same nerves. Why promise you? He does. I promise you. He does everyone has. Is, just how they deal with it and some are better overcoming it. So for Homeboy to pass out I, get it man his nineties through the roof. He's trying to breathe maybe doing breathing techniques and pass the fuck out. That's what happened. They're gonNA fight sent the end of the world. But for nights man really fun to fights. For Shabazz Ian Sky get back on the horse. Collar would Bob Greens we something fight by Green Guy Get ya food chuck Derek Brunson man how can you not root for Derek Brunson? Three to one fighting the old band fighting the young line in the old man. Tom. Lesson. And I'm loose with that term old man. Great fights this weekend which agreed to into in a little bit but dude I haven't here. I'M GONNA start a segment called Knicks picks on here because nick the producer keenest. mean. himbal talk fights when he starts talking bed and I'm like this motherfucker knows what he's doing here. There's a lot of people do bats and stuff like that. This dude is baton a frigging, pretty good average chair. So his picks listen to homeboys picks for the weekend. These are knicks picks. He. Picked Jenifer Maya. To win, straight up he won that he picked Bobby Green to win straight up. He won that he picked Jonathan Martinez to win straight up he won that he picked up that fight deaf I always a draw. So the UT's fight and durden was adroit didn't win that one. and then he won on also He picked Shabazz Ian Derek Brunson one half rounds he won that. Over one half rounds I didn't know they could be that can go over under around. Yeah. The I mean the kid went one, two, three, four, five for five. He's batting one, hundred percent you know insane that is. The frigging Knicks picks ridiculous dude. I'll give you the his big for this weekend as well. We need do a little segment with the with the We'll do that the end cal give you knicks picks at the end for for the card. But yeah, you have see only you'll see only but the dude five for five he sent me those like okay and then you know he goes. did you see my picks now seem like Ho should Uganda feeders? Yeah. So for the one that was a drama, that's your heart is GonNa feed and. It's fucking nuts dude it's not. we got some. Let's get into some of the current events. Ben Sure here's some current events Oh also this week. The coast to coast me Lou Thomas and myself will be getting together and going over just Mamane general all the big fights breaking all that down and I haven't caught up with him in want think it's his birthday. So I sent him a little gift. I. Know He's a whiskey man. Oh, interest I sent them some Nice Japanese whisky whisky. Hopefully, it gets there in time hopefully does but yeah, we're doing that tomorrow pray come out Wednesday or Thursday. what do you got man? All right. This is Dana White reacting to Dan Hardy and herb dean. So I'll play this little clip for you. Love Dan. Dan. Motion. The problem is now. This setup it's a lot easier to. It's a lot easier to interact with everybody from the fighters to the routes to the media and everybody. If you work for me in any capacity. And you approach a referee or or an official I will fire you that night on the spot. That can never happen here ever again. Yeah he's. He's right can't have that I love the passion of Dan I support Dan one, hundred percent I think using the right there and that is guy, but you just can't have that. Can you imagine if they're doing that every fight as a business owner can have a yeah. Yeah. You can't have it that image when you see Dan Hardy like yelling at her posted, I heard that was herb that approached in but it looks like Dan went over to her. All right. That's what I heard I heard went over his K. do you shut your mouth? Something like that. Interesting. But Yeah I is right here can't have it. All right. Next one. Great News. Khabib, and could be even just in fighting October twenty fourth. Do you know how not I'm not on social media? You also CEELO's stuff a lot of my news found out in here or somebody attacks me you know Rogin or luke or somebody in the in the world attacks me or I just from fans like I was at starbucks with a with my with this on, we can be gay cowboy and this guy's all you know we're talking dude, how about the announcement? Is the day I got announced I was like one announcement. He's like, okay quit fucking me who got man I was like I do I promise you I have no idea what you're talking as they could be. Dude. It's official. That's I found out. That I found out love this fight best matched up. You make all year. I'm not wait I cannot fricken wait hopefully both stay healthy but listen stylistically out of Amy Buddy just or anybody could ever fought and they're can be somebody that would give him more problems stylistically than just engaging. It's an amazing fight. We're GONNA find out how good could be this I think we realized that. Just engages the real deal off that Tony Ferguson fight you do that to Tony Ferguson. You're the real frigging deal. He should not have a belt. I don't think could beat could do that to Tony. Again. It's all about style matchups and just engage g match. If you're just engaged fan, you're excited about his chances of beating could be. CA- style I'm not scenes get a beat them but. I don't know what the their odds already I'm sure could find some. Odds out there already dude if you're a betting man, put your money now engage I'm sure it's going to start swinging. Now I'm not saying GonNa win but. He has a better chance than anybody. MINUS THREE FIFTY Plus Eighty Five, hundred Argh I'm putting you know a grand on my eighty five. Just, just because stylistically it's GonNa give could be a problem on paper. We'll see we'll see what happens. They're gonNA have free that inside the cage but. You know. That's a I, God throw spiked God do you think it's a little early though with could be? No? No. No, and that's the other thing. Beeps father passed away the you know not that could be needs motivation or reason to to go down when the greatest ever do it. I. As, much as just engage in this why love this fight? There's so many stories as much as just engages a nightmare of matchup could be I would not wanna be the guy who fights could be after his father passed away when I would not want to be the guy who could be bottles all this emotion up because that's what you're going to do as a rushing ball this mushin up and you put in your training and you'd be more focused than ever before. So you're getting the Best Virgin Khabib, you get the best version of just engaged and you're getting the best fight in history at one fifty five. Fingers crossed nobody gets hurt or nothing happens..

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