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So they can provide you with tailored solutions powered by Intel V. Pro Platform called today 877 Ask Del gets sick. So three of Sonny the third day of January 2021 38 degrees outside under the lower thirties. Pick Sunday evening. I'm don't waters the top local stories we're following for you at this hour. It is rare for a shooting to shock a neighborhood. But this one did have another Wal Mart shopping center and Sterling, Virginia. Three people were shot at the Wal Mart in the does crossing Plaza yesterday afternoon by a man who was caught stealing. The Loudon County Sheriff's Office says the suspect was confronted by two loss prevention officers in the store. But as he was taken into custody by a deputy, he pulled out a gun and opened fire. Another deputy shot back. But despite being hit, the man stole a pickup truck from outside the store and took off heading south bound on route 28. He eventually crashed and was arrested and taken to the hospital. The officers that were hit are expected to be okay. Melissa how old w t o p. NIS. Meanwhile, a woman was killed this morning in the district. It is the city's first homicide of the new Year. 22 year old Kolia Rainey was shot on Wheeler Road in Southeast D. C around 2 30. This one Running officers found rainy inside her car. She was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 2020 was the deadliest year on actually not a record for D. C since 4 2198 homicides that's up from 166 in 2019. And we have new information tonight on those two fires and Prince George's County New Year's Day, one of them proving fatal in a three alarm fire, an apartment building on Alice Avenue in Oxon Hill and around 8 30 in the evening, Georges County police identified and detained an adult female subject on the suspicion of arson. Michael Eurasian with Prince George's County Fire and E. M s. Says the woman who was arrested is qui on a tele pharaoh. The action of the arsonist really has made a difficult impact on a lot of people's lives. Also in Beltsville, that same day of fire at a home in Montgomery Road, just For noon left one woman dead. She's been identified as 42 year old Mir. No Renos this Reno's exited the home after being alerted to the fire by the smoke alarm. However, she then re entered the home. Moments later, an eight year old girl emerged from the house, but we're knows that never did the child into adults had serious injuries. Mike Murillo w T. O P. News. It's 605 no better time than the present to push for statehood. D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton did just that. On the first day of 117th Congress. In this latest attempt, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton announced that her statehood bill has more support than ever with a record number of original co sponsors. 200 to that broke the previous record of 155, which he said in 2019 Mayor Bowser expressed her appreciation to Norton for her leadership and continuing to grow support for the matter, especially after 2020 saw the first ever house passage of a statehood bill for the district. She says they're carrying that much. Mentum into 2021 with renewed hope and the president who knows D C struggle and supports the cause of granting 706,000 tax paying residents full and equal citizenship. Sandy Coz l W T O P News and Anna Rondo County lawmakers want the next Maryland legislative session to be productive, They're letting their legislation do the talking delegate Heather Abagnale pre filed two bills focusing on access to mental health. Elegant. Sandi Bartlett sponsored a bill that would ban law enforcement from interrogating a child under 18 before they've had a chance to talk to an attorney and delicate. Michael Malone pre filed a bill that would take a look at how boundaries of formed in his anti Jerry Mandarin bill. Lawmakers are looking to hit the ground running on a range of legislation from racial justice to the pandemic. Almost 60 bills were found ahead of the first joint session of the year on January 13th. Andrea Cameron. W T O P News and coming up after traffic and weather together on the eight stay home. That's the word from some local leaders concerning those protests taking place next week in D. C. It's six or seven advanced security from Cox Panoramic.

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