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Bears alleged anything and everything for the eighty five bears gimbal over yeah it was nice to see Jimbo covert add sprinkle both going in and out of the of Veterans Committee nice to see these two guys get in and deservedly so three one two three three two three seven seven six we'll talk with waddle Silvy in cap a little bit later on in the show we've got a lot of time to talk and hear from some of the experts and also some of the participants in today's Super Bowl fifty four you look at it now I mention one and a half points right now according to US Caesar's this year if I brought you buy the book at horseshoe Hammond there've only been three pro football championships in sixty six were a team was favored by fewer than two points so it shows you what usually when you get to this game there's a clearer favorite in two thousand fourteen when was one point favorite **** in nineteen eighty one Cincinnati was a one point favorite first go on that one and in seventy two Miami was a one and a half point favorite the Niners of rush for seventy four point nine percent of their plays in the post season third highest rate entering a Superbowl achieves of thrown pastor a sack and sixty one point four percent other plays this postseason third highest entering a Superbowl engine maker apple is two hundred eight passing yards this postseason badger Moses two hundred nine passing yards in the second quarter hello this post season so you heard carmd saying he took the over in the second quarter because the chiefs are played very very well in the second quarter of games all the celebrities all the former players all the broadcasters that are doing the game and for the NFL network and three SP and they're all down there at Miami and one of them is a guy that what is Super Bowl actually he won the Superbowl in Miami it's Steve young loose I.

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