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Las Vegas outwards you thanks for hanging out busy night lots of calls on older gonna be jumping to you in just a quick sack if you're just joining us we've been talking about reparations yeah it's on the table again here let me catch up we had the democratic debate last night most people don't know that because it was the lowest rated debate in debate history because I think people are starting to figure out these Democrats are insane the things that they say the plans that they have really make no sense for any American the only people that I think can subscribe to this lunacy are those that are loony themselves I mean seriously have no more to say but I'm bringing this up because I did the politics is again front and center of Elizabeth Warren's campaign she's calling for a national conversation about reparations she went on to say and I quote America was founded on principles of liberty and built on the backs of enslaved people it's time to a doctor H. R. forty Sheila Jackson Lee as reparations plant it's time to do what's right so that our nation can begin to heal I thought our nation video I thought remedies were already in place I mean we had the first black president I mean this is ridiculous she went on to say that this is a big step of slavery is not the only history we must confront Jim crow was the lived reality in America through the nineteen sixties now I can't deny what Elizabeth Warren is saying what are you trying to tell me that we haven't moved forward and when I hear Elizabeth Warren or any politician calling for reparations what it tells me that my friends in the black community she's basically saying the one code you're not smart enough you're not good enough without me the fake Pocahontas that said I was native for all these years I can help you government can help you because you can't do things on your own what an insult Ben Carson the most prominent neurosurgeon in the world came from a one room shack of complete sovereignty women didn't help him he had a brain mother and a mother that work multiple jobs that literally sold into him god and country and ability Elizabeth wasn't responsible for that this is the insanity that we have in front of us today so we're gonna go back to your busy calls and you get to have your voice heard here seven zero two two five seven five three nine six seven zero two two five seven five three nine six phone lines are open should we have this conversation on reparations or is this just another way to divide America even further Obama did it he did successfully because if he didn't you wouldn't hear Elizabeth Warren and some of the other lunatics that are running for the presidency bringing up this ridiculousness when we are so much better than that as Americans back to our busy calls Joe you're up next welcome to the program on the other how you doing job good how are you I'm good thank you alright now keep it short you know this this issue with the the the reparation talk and all this you know that how about we all agree we go ahead and award anyone that's used in this reparation issue as like a crutch now I see it you get your money whatever amount is spare okay take them in and get out just go wherever you want to go yes get out go let's focus on the real issues that concerns all American get this off the table once and for all you know I agree with you Joe Joe do you think that when we hear you know national politicians like Elizabeth Warren talking about reparations do you think it really because I do but do you think it's an insult to the black community almost saying that without us you can't do anything isn't that almost like an slaves mentality anyways I think Joe bounced I do appreciate the culture so that's okay I'll put that question to someone else I went to myself self yes I do okay let's go back towards the calls Pete Europe next was Steve Sanchez Hey Pete thought to be good buddy he is gone let's jump over the line for Steve your up next welcome to the program.

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