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Nelson Rockefeller, Representative, Louisville discussed on Larry Elder


Was something going wrong in fact they say there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever everything was perfect William is in Louisville Kentucky William your on the Larry able to show we will be closing going on tonight your earlier caller ponder the question about the succession case the worst does happen with Mr trump are will Mr parents be able to vote I mean I'm I'm sort of point of vice president under him but I think I'm answering my own question because Mr tense walls you like this and so with Nancy Pelosi anybody that comes after Mr country as vice president would not be able to succeed William William your will you remember when Richard Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford took over what happened after that yep yeah it was I I don't remember what it was four days after he point it a while back you he pointed right now some Rockefeller but Nelson Rockefeller had to be approved by the Senate right and and he was would he be in there because of what he would he have been in that succession had missed the head that Gerald Ford had to be removed to well that's right and and had it Joe for had to be removed before I Nelson Rockefeller had been appointed in the house of the the speaker of the house representative would become would become president yeah that's my point they'll be a period of time I don't know how long it'll be a period of weeks maybe months before a new president Mike pence would be able to appoint or nominate a V. P. but that the P. you're going to have to be approved by the Senate I know the Rockefeller went through a pretty torturous a time because there had been a lot of animosity built up over the years but he ultimately was was approved it became the vice president so they'll be a period of time and in that during that time always something could happen do Mike pence which case Nancy Pelosi become.

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Nelson Rockefeller, Representative, Louisville discussed on Larry Elder

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