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Hello And welcome to spending place the podcast whereas be too busy working women who also happen to be mothers about how they make it work. I'm a singer celebrities, seven albums in between having my five sons aged six months to sixteen years. So I spent a few plates myself being a mother can be the most amazing thing. It can also be hard to find time for yourself and your own ambitions I want to be a bit Nosey and see other people balanced everything. Welcome spinning plates. Good Day to you. I'm trying not to stop every costing. Hello how are you? Every time I record. My poke costs some weird noise sorts I think that's rich in the garden with the Mayflower is that very annoying? That's probably a bit tunein. Isn't it? Well all persevere just in case When thing is rich does my editing so he might decide that he's GonNa let himself off with the leaf blower it's not. I'VE HAD TO START RECORDING The introduction to this week's podcast three times in my house because it's so hard to find a quiet place it's anonima bedroom actually sealed away And Roy embarrassingly I recorded today's guest Jacqueline gold in my house, and it was the most noisy place overcrowded anymore podcasts. So my house is noisy house. What more can I say that is the word I live in..

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