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Ends between fact and fiction which in this podcast may get a little blurry in general we don't believe the earth is flat lizard people run the government or a nasa fake the mood landing but we do believe that those are fascinating ideas and the stories around them are worth telling but hey we'll keep an open mind and at the end of this we might think kubrick's greatest film starred neil armstrong or that princess diana was killed by mi six speaking of exactly what i was thinking the most important person in this story is diana herself before we go into detail about how she became a princess fearful for her life and then famous for her death we want to humanize her and there's a lot of negativity surrounding her death and why people wanted to killer so first of you nice things about princess diana a lady in her own right the people's princess dan grandmother of a durable prince george and princess charlotte we think she would have been a wonderful warm and loving grandmother for all the flaws the media and the royal family found inner noone could deny diana was great with children she worked as a nanny and then a kindergarten teacher before she married prince charles her own children recalled her as loving with a great sense of humor for example when prince william was about thirteen he had posters of supermodels on his bedroom walls niamey campbell christy turlington and claudia schiffer is this one of those royle's they're just like us stories down at all when william came home from school one day he discovered the models from his posters were in his home living breathing niamey campbell christy turlington and claudia schiffer smiled and waved at him william was speechless for diana it was hilarious off of fantastic prank despite their connections diana tried to keep her kids grounded she made them wait in line like all the other kids when.

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