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There are protesters in downtown Phoenix demanding an end to police, violence and injustice. This takes place just days after a Wisconsin black man was shot by a white officer seven times in the back. Where's Gabriel Gamino is among the demonstrators and joins us now live with more details. Dr Becky, currently outside of Phoenix City Council chambers, where roughly 50 to 60 people have gathered right now we're listening to family and community members share what its like having lost someone they closed to them to what they're calling police violence on behalf of the Phoenix Police Department. Their demands today include defunding the Police department firing officers involved in violent acts holding independent investigations, and they're asking. They release the force, an incident report and all unedited video two families within 72 hours and 48 hours prior to releasing that information to the public at around six demonstrators are expected to start marching in the streets of downtown Phoenix. Of course, I'll be walking right along with them and keep you updated. Live in Phoenix Cable Gamino Katie Our news. Phoenix is paying a couple $475,000 in settlement after viral video showed a now fired police officer kicked the man Draven names while his pregnant girlfriend in small Children watched Councilman Carlos Garcia apologized to Aisha Harper and aims a shoplifting suspect, who was never charged. The money won't take away the trauma or the harm that's been caused, but I hope that The Children will have a better life for the couple sued for $10 Million brush and nip calligraphers also getting $136,000 in settlement money. They sued the city over its human relations Ordinance. That they say would have forced them to create wedding invitations for same sex couples. Well, you can now make plans to travel to New York again. The state's lifted the 14 day travel quarantine on anyone coming from Arizona or Alaska, Delaware, Maryland or Montana. The restriction was placed due to our state's high rate of Corona virus, but that has since gone significantly down. Parents of students with disabilities. Air calling on state leaders to provide more support for in home learning. Michelle Thorne has two Children on the autism spectrum and says parents like her need more support. She sent a letter to Governor Doug Ducey, the Department of Education and the Developmental Disabilities Department, with testimonies from more than 20. Other families proposing solutions that Department of Developmental Disabilities should allow parents to use respite hours during the school day so that parents can hire somebody to come in and help their child..

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