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To have general Millie was done an incredible job so many ways say a few words and also with us our chief of naval operations federal Gilday well you know I think you know then commandant of the Coast Guard as well shills so I'm gonna ask mark just start and then we can go and after that we're gonna take questions as it pertains to this and it will go on to phase two which is a virus itself okay thank you please thank you Mr president and good afternoon everyone thanks appreciate the opportunity to be here today is to make this a very important announcement at a time when the nation and the department defense are focused on protecting the American people from the spread of the corona virus we also remain vigilant to the many other threats our country faces today at the president's direction the department defense in close cooperation with our interagency partners began enhanced counter narcotics operations in the eastern Pacific Ocean and the carribean sea this initiative is part of the administration's whole of government approach to combating the flow of illicit drugs into the United States and protecting the American people from their scourge I want to thank all of our partners in this effort to include the United States Coast Guard the department of homeland security the drug enforcement agency the department of justice and members of the intelligence community for the tremendous support and cooperation to get conduct these enhanced operations the present has directed the deployment of additional ships aircraft and security forces to the United States Southern Command area of responsibility included in this force package or navy destroyers and littoral combat ships Coast Guard cutters P. eight patrol aircraft and elements of an army security force assistance brigade these additional forces will nearly double our capacity to conduct counter currents operations in the region additionally twenty two partner nations have joined us in this fight bring with them a variety of intelligence and operations capabilities needed to defeat these criminal organizations last year alone United States Southern Command operations resulted in the seizure of over two hundred eighty metric tons of drugs much of which was designated for shipment to America well this was an incredible achievement there's much more work to be done transnational criminal organizations continue to threaten our security by smuggling cocaine fentanyl methamphetamines and other narcotics across our borders these drug traffickers put our communities communities at risk and destroy lives every year tens of thousands of Americans die from drug overdose and thousands more suffer the harmful effects of addiction Furthermore corrupt actors like the illegitimate Maduro regime in Venezuela rely on the profits derived from the sale of narcotics to maintain their oppressive hold on power the Venezuelan people continue to suffer tremendously due to Maduro's criminal control of the country drug traffickers are seizing on this lawlessness by increasing their illicit activities we must do more to prevent these drugs from arriving at our shores these enhanced counternarcotics operations are now underway will further disrupt the flow of illicit drugs to America deny our adversaries the financial resources they depend on and build the capacity of our partner nations throughout the region I want to thank president trump for his leadership and support to this critical mission this is particularly important time for this operation to begin as nations around the world shift their focus inward to deal with the corona virus pandemic many criminal organizations are attempting to capitalize on this crisis the enhanced operations we're announcing today will keep the pressure on these criminal groups and protect the American people from the devastation caused by the flow of illegal drugs into our country Mr president thank you for your leadership as we begin this important operation while the men and women of the United States military work hard here at home despite the corona virus we continue to take action around the world to defend our great country thank you not like invite generally thank you thank you secretary for those are the words and thank you Mr president for your leadership and I want to publicly thank federal credit valor the commander of the U. S. Southern Command of Miami so for leading this operation which is underway effective today and also at McGill day the chief of naval operations general Schultz for their contributions to this from their services this thousands of sailors coast guardsmen soldiers airmen marines involved this operation we came upon some intelligence sometime ago that the drug cartels as a result the cove in nineteen we're gonna try to take advantage of the situation and try to infiltrate additional drugs in our country as we know the seventy thousand Americans die on average annual basis to drugs that's unacceptable we're at war with covert nineteen where war with terrorists and we are war with the drug cartels as well this is the United States military you will not penetrate this country you will not get past jump street you're not going to come in and kill innocent Americans I will marshal whatever assets are required to prevent your entry into this country to kill Americans so right now the navy as Marshall additional grail ships from both pay comp and you come in for the naval fleet at Norfork and they're set sail already and they're in the Caribbean right now listed at this time because guard gutters tennis special operations forces and security forces range along with Air Force reconnaissance aircraft the bottom line is you're not going to get through but now is not the time to try to penetrate United States illegal drugs to kill Americans with United States military we will defend our country regardless of the cost thank you Mr president thank you Sir thank you thank you Mr president thanks for your decisive leadership as we confront this unprecedented challenge opposed by corona corona virus and I'd like to thank you for your support for this important initiative and thank all of the secretary of defense and all the services for taking on this this important initiative obviously during this crisis we're all focused above all else on covert nineteen but at the same time our law enforcement and national security work must go forward protecting the American people from the full array of threats for the department of justice one of our highest priorities must remain destroying the Mexican cartels their trafficking is largely responsible for the deaths as we all know now of seventy thousand Americans a year and also the cost of this don't count destroy families the destroyed lives the draining of our national a treasure as state budgets are crushed by the burden that this the the the sharp Kotick trafficking causes the president has made clear that we are in this fight against the cartels to win and that we are not interested in half measures and that the threat posed by the cartel is not just a law enforcement thread security threat as well and in December building on your success with the Mexican president in forging a cooperative relationship in the area of immigration you asked me to go down and meet with the president Lopez Obrador in our Mexican counterparts to see if we could also establish a more comprehensive and coordinated efforts with the Mexicans in confronting the cartels and we've had some successful visits and and discussions and currently have an array of activities under way against the cartels and we intend to anticipate along with the Mexicans that these are going to bear fruit in the months ahead but it quickly became clear that we can obtain the most immediate results the best bang for the Buck where we increase the assets involved in interdiction on both the Pacific and the Atlantic side of Mexico in the central American countries for years the cartels have been using the sea routes to take the cocaine up from principally Columbia now also out of Venezuela and the PC roots on both coasts I have become the primary means of bringing cocaine up to the United States because of the superb work done by the defense department and our intelligence community we know exactly most of the time where these traffickers are at sea so we're significantly have been up till now significantly limited in our ability to incur debt because of the numbers of the assets we have deployed prior today hi this limitation meant we could only intercept the fraction of the traffickers that will end and the various boats that were detected this will now double our capacity and we are talking about hundreds of tons of cocaine now we're now in a position to see so this is going to radically improve our interdiction efforts and put tremendous pressure to think on the cartels and the effort that southcom is undertaking is gonna save lives by taking drugs off the street last week I announced the unsealing of charges of narco terrorism drug trafficking and other crimes against the former Maduro regime sixteen members of that regime and their involvement in trafficking of two hundred fifty metric tons a year a lot of that comes by C. as I discussed at that time but also because of the pressure were applying I. R. C. L. interdiction they are trying to establish an air route added Venezuela up into Central America which is one of the reasons we're trying to move firmly against that corrupt regime you know this drug war has gone on for many decades and at times in the past we've had great success in growing the president's task force there actually now talking about the drug cartels and especially during the pandemic they're doubling their efforts and a lot of weird stuff I mean people unbelievable you see the best you see the worst in people will get back to that in a second one remind you all right it's time to cut the grass you love cutting the grass I bet everyone was dying to get outside more often how you can get outside with a brand new hustler turf mower it is the best lower you'll ever use heavy duty zero turn by the way that's them since the nineteen sixties family run business they build commercial grade they build residential grade mowers and by the.

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