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We'll get everything settled in the studio did you did you see the pope with the hand pulling and the way that one I thought the slapping that I just was reading a little bit about the the hand the kissing of that ring was all over it was not what I read is that of pope Benedict kind of was like abolishing that tradition of kissing the pope's hand so but people are following it because it's something that they used to always do but a lot of people don't realize that he tried to change this and again I don't mean I don't have the good I'm a Die Hard churchgoing Catholic as you are and a and my faith is strong and I'll double that when they criticize the church you have to see this yes I've every bit of it and then you see the flashes from the international press one of the dead dead or don't like taking pictures of the every wealth it was like please don't meet people don't go out there but if there's a problem you got to see this that you can get all the worry about the brevity I have early I understand about being a juror before but apparently this I don't know what was going on it was so weird but we're still going to judge that was the well apparently like they're trying to change change that tradition that maybe I should let people now yeah yeah I don't know that they face still think it's a ball do used to be something I like somebody said somebody said online is is a sketch but if it is good Hey Debbie that there and on the road thank god that he's out there working six fifty one they have died seventy the at the thank you Debbie we have the message just so kiss the pope's hand or try to grab just you know let him walk let's see what's happening right now Joe good morning to you good morning everybody we're going to head to the garden state parkway north one forty five accident on that ramp traffic is moving slowly on eighties they're getting out products at thirty five after rock away twenty fourth a little little bit dizzy spell getting down toward seventy eight that merge usually gets kind of busy this time of the morning over in the Bronx river parkway south aller to have in the Bronx the crash over there and it's busy on the cross Bronx west right at the Sheraton with an accident said I live expressway eastbound jammed up the clover to collision taking one lane they're still kind of busy this morning on the southbound side of the van away getting down toward the Nassau expressway with an accident and taking a ride over to six eighty four southbound that rampant except for getting reports of a collision over there as well let's see what's happening is you head over to the subway still seeing some delays of the downtown one.

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