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Vegas front for a second i mentioned this when i said i'd get back into it these story of the las vegas security guard haste whose campos just disappearing before a couple of tv interviews now listen in no way whatsoever am i suggesting anything nefarious here and again by all accounts jose or i hasten says rather by all accounts hayes whose campos these security guard mandalay bay that was shot by the sicko gunman steven paddock i he was a heroic he did call all and the report the shooting and mandalay is suggesting their time line is that nine one one was called within forty five seconds or a minute in no way am my disparaging hase's campos in any fashion whatsoever but it's just it chris steak that he was set to do some tv interviews and then disappeared and this is the fox bent the mandalay security guard shot by stephen pat ocoee in the moments leading up to the worst mass shooting in modern history us history was set to break his silence last night with five live television interviews including one on fox news yeah this is according to campos has union president except when the cameras we're about to roll the media gathered in the building to talk to win campos reportedly halted god and as of early this morning that it know exactly where he was a do we have favor are lee i just had can't get the everything on followup had you check quickly find this to a couple of searches has campos popped back up and i'm not saying these anything of running afoul here i i'm just say maybe the guy just got nervous the all these cameras all of these interviews and this guy went through on a hell of a lot of the guy was shot and they'll look what happened subsequently dabble low so cameras were sent to roll punching media and then he split his disappeared according to abc news is stephanie wash she said we were all in a room and when we came out he was gone oh campos is represented by the international union security police and fire professionals of america which originally didn't respond he was also scheduled to appear on hannity on fox news last night and that was cancelled because he wasn't around and not a whole lot of on campos.

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