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The New York State Thruway to eighty seven combination from what Rockland into Westchester is in good shape and I'm Tom Kaminski in the W. CBS traffic center center chief meteorologist Craig Allen is here on a murky first day of spring it is it's starting out that way the showers though are done and we are left with dense fog this morning some areas of drizzle to the sun is going to try to burn through as much of that is possible if you are near the coast line if you're near the ocean the sound it it may take a much longer period of time if you can do it at all that's this is in one of those cases where I've seen this happen so many times during spring when you have warm humid air and you have that cool ocean and you just can't burn off that fog so if you're right by the water you may not be able to enjoy the seventy degree afternoon coming up there will be a shower or thunderstorm possibility for late this afternoon and this evening then clearing windy and cooler lows tonight forty to forty five for tomorrow mostly sunny a little windy highs staying near fifty mostly sunny not as windy Sunday but it's only forty five to fifty and Monday cloudy and chilly chilly enough so that when rain gets here it could start as wet snow especially in the northern suburbs forty to forty five on Tuesday will be mostly sunny and back up into the fifties right now the city cloudy it's quite foggy forty eight degrees humidity ninety three percent of crackdown in the weather center this morning it's a twenty and a coalition of chefs and restaurant owners around Westchester is mobilizing to be joined by the county executive George Latimer later today in announcing a food and fund drive for those hard hit by the virus Latimer tells W. C. B. S. C. is keeping an eye towards the growing strain on healthcare if you eight hundred people and if you look down the line and you say that potentially twenty percent of them could be hospitalized then you're looking at forty people you know being hospitalized that's that's a manageable number if the if the rate of growth continues and by next week we in the thousands of Westchester hello not counting the five boroughs the other suburban areas then you can see the kind of scope that we have to worry about that drive a testing site in new Rochelle has been operating for nearly a week Terry Glenn island Latimer owner WCBS eight eighty indepth podcast tells our Tim shelled the testing reveals more negative testing positive one so far you can hear the full interview at W. C. B. S. eighty dot com it's under the audio tab search and subscribe wherever you find your shows WCBS eight eighty in death some new numbers out from the NYPD it shows bike injuries arising between March ninth and the fifteenth bike injuries rose forty three percent from the same week a year ago crashes involving cars and other vehicles are down thirty three percent as commuting dries up and you hear about people trying to avoid transit by riding their bikes around New York City the MTA is sticking with its usual schedule as we learn more members of the army that runs the commuter trains subways and.

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