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Bobby Lashley, Brooklyn discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


All right let's turn to summer slam universal title we have a brooklyn listener defense and we have a multi match which consists right now of rains roman reigns and bobby lashley do you have a let's say i mean it's i assume it's going to be three four or five hopefully we don't get to six pack challenge or whatever they're going to call it who who do you think is going to be involved in who do you think is going to be excluded based on booking and positioning from being added to that match i think fin beller probably has a case to be made same with kevin owens seth rollins who just lost the intercontinental title to dolph ziglar on raw on monday he'll get a rematch this coming monday but i can't imagine him regaining it there it wouldn't make a lot of sense to me it makes more sense to get the title off of him and put him into the universal title picture which is where he deserves with his hot as he's been so i think rollins is a guy who deserves to be in it that's obviously going to exclude some people certainly braun strowman has a case to be made to be in that even though he does hold the briefcase and when i wrote about in my column this week when i wrote it out where the universal title what direction it could be headed through the summer and the fall i thought that would be a unique story to tell where here's a guy who yes he holds the money in the bank briefcase but he's also a top contender for the title outright and there could be a situation where he earns a title match against abrar lessner or whomever is the champion and maybe he doesn't win that match but the champion is so beaten down afterward that stroman decides to cash in right after the match you just lost i mean there's a lot of different directions and that's not a story they've told using the money in the bank briefcase before so unroll there are quite a few contenders the depth isn't such that it is on on smackdown where you get through one or two guys and then you're like all right where do we go from here as you mentioned there are guys who are probably going to be excluded from this match that maybe deserving so i look lashley in rains already a nas as being in i look at owens and valor that brings us to four rollins would be five that's kind of where i would stand with it right now i don't wanna get too in depth on this but as a sidebar i assumed ambrose anymore many week any month now we'll be back i kind of hope he ends up on smackdown i think you could not instantly be involved with seth and roman and in the shield keep them apart let them develop his own storyline in add a little depth to the smackdown side but i throw them out just as like potential wildcard that kurt goes you know we're gonna have a big announcement somebody haven't seen in a while that give it away with big announcement of who the last person's going to be in the multiman match and you have you have seth and ballard standing in the rain if they had been picked yet and then you know angle announces its dean and then at least a little tension either their storyline potential here i'll be safely if dean is in the multiman match he's not going to win because he's not going to face brock less for again there's no way they're doing that so just doing i said i just a little sidebar just to throw out there as a possibility for that match even though it'd be anti climactic or foregone conclusion it went went so i agree with what you wrote in the column that it would be that if you'd hate to see wwe not take advantage assessable mental and i don't know what they have planned with her and dramatic entire and the icy title situation in the meantime to me it sort of feels like that might occupy him enough to keep him out of that match on less drew and sigler break up and they wrestle each other for the title at extreme rules and that does free upset to then enter the multiman match but otherwise i think south might be sidelined in an icy titles situation perhaps triple threat or one on one with whomever but i think.

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