Manning, Joe Flack, Cowboys discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show - Week 7 Recap


The to sue plans yeah no like even to even to giants offense is is terrible in a way that is entertaining like i can i can get a sideline shot of ally manning and be i can be full for hours is that says that it's nourishment today but joe flack owes sadfaced doesn't do anything it's just it's all just mediocrity it's i don't i don't get anything out of it no snow shaaban floyd even uh gavois forty nine or ten i watched very little of this game i saw the same seek highlights i'm assuming everyone did otherwise it mostly stayed off the red zone i i don't think we needed to know that the cowboys or a lot better than 9 is but now we have proof yeah it was as soon as the niners fumbled a punt early in the game and set up the cowboys with a short field um when zeke elliott scored his first touchdown and it was seven to nothing i'm like this was over there's when you're as bad as the niners our and your your talent deficit is so great the only way that you're going to win is with i turnovers and special teams plays and getting some lucky bounces and as soon as you fall behind uh just like well that's that's that for the niners see you again next week were you familiar and i was not with cowboys backup quarterback cooper rush heard his name for the first time uh yesterday afternoon cap never heard of them for sounds like a like you like you know how um.

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