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Of what's what is that issue with these dental groups are the are the dental societies a professional organizations getting involved with this are they aware they have a problem is there there is there different issues as a pertains to say technicians versus the the actual doctor's there are those are all take questions and their one of the issues that we ran into when we were covering this particular story was how difficult it was to get information from the bar association how and how how difficult it is for patients to find out about the background of their dentists or oral surgeons and this goes back to one of the broader problems that we've seen over the years that i've covered all kinds of stories about you know plastic surgeons that have botched surgeries and surgeons that have been inebriated during surgery and we've covered these creepy story cd years and one of the frustrating things for me is that it's really hard to convey to the viewer is how to protect yourself and how to know if you are going to a dentist or doctor that has red flags in its history because let me tell you one thing they never do that they should always to just ask what was your training where'd you go to college where do you go to school where you go did you a postgraduate training what we are people that have good training are delighted to share with you their training if you ever noticed on websites people that are a little vague about the training you know immediately so if somebody what would indicate training like oh i went to the dental academy in guadalajara you are whatever you if there's anything at least you know of is topnotch institutions and you may have to do your homework on that and if somebody particularly has some sub specialized kinds of training need to know where that was done under whose supervision and what you know that that's fine where where are you certified you have board certification these things because that guarantees a certain level of expertise so does that help people that are going to dentists right now have you know red flags that have either some kind of lawsuit filed against that if they're being looked into by the bar association or by the dental association or by some kind of.

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