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Cooking device on the planet currently available in three sizes. Now the pbx host of accessories. Complete your pip- barrel cooking experience whether you're a beginner or professional definitely cooker wanna add the arsenal visit pit barrel cooker dot com and tell them such show sent you joining me the segment a twenty twelve american royal winner the pitmasters big poppa smokers and the associated rubs tosses sterling ball joining us here on shohei sterling. Hey how are you doing great. I am absolutely fabulous sterling. Appreciate you making time for me before we get into the agenda here. The evening as i'm sure you were listening eagerly and our number one had reference that you are anything but someone who shows reverence. I took umbrage with that. I said sterling definitely shows reverence and certain things. Would you classify yourself as someone who was showing reverence at the right time. Or are you more of a greater. As i don't know i am hear it and i just don't want to touch that. Okay i said. I said sterling is perhaps one of the most underrate under appreciated under whatever in the live fire. Community of people knew half the things he is done for inst- barbecue hall of fame for instance The the grant first smithfield Just to name a few things you know. then you do a guinea pig kidneys. We'll get into some of these others. I don't think that you get enough appreciation. He said well he might be falling victim to someone who speaks his mind and that might cost him a little bit now. He did say he loves you dearly. He considers you one of his main mentors. Few cook as well as you and he loves your products. And that's saying a lot from somebody who's coming out with a competing line of prox- so i think you might be under appreciated guy in live fire now i don't think so. I just think it's an interesting group. An interesting avocation. And the one thing. I'll never be able to do is cook. Good sweden's are pork is mean it. You do a shot by the way. Signed goto right. Yeah exactly. But i love me. We started kind of at the same time. He's stubborn and you know but he's done. A lot of people ought to be barbequed. How how to cook a lot of things. And that's really good and through greg laundry able to show a lot of people explain a lot about some of the science and techniques people use. But i'm wondering if he did. He can the hall of fame. Because i haven't. I haven't. I haven't heard him say anything about it. Yes he did. Get into the hall of fame okay. That's good. I think that's wonderful me. So what the hell else is going on. Well this coming weekend. Sterling is the twenty twenty one version of what i heard this weekend referred to as the american royale. I've only known as the american royal. But perhaps i've been saying wrong all these years. The american royal. I thought it would be an interesting thing to look back here. In two thousand twelve. A young sterling ball came on the barbecue central show. Perhaps that was one of the first times you came on the barbecue. Central shown we talked about big poppa smokers winning the big one. You know the american oil so i wonder what you remember about that weekend. What you remember about the winds specifically and then if you can fast for nine years later as we sit here in twenty twenty one. Do you look at it any differently. Does it mean more to you. Now that you're away from it. Does it not mean any more or less than it did nine years ago. What do you think it means more dancer. You're very long question I it was very cold and we weren't in trailers. This is three trailers. And we were dying and i messed up the risk. I cut it to shore trimmed it to to too short relive terrible. I made a funny box. And so i think it was really a good brisket but i was very concerned that i hurt myself because i was very happy with the other meats and was jodi clark cooking with me at the time so actually started possible. Reverb accu- team. And i'm sitting with jani drag. Which i was the other two years. I cook the royal before i got there. Maybe only once. Before johnny was telling me i want to johnny shut up shut up. You always say this. And then when they call by name who was so funny because in the grand champion is how big poppa and then you could hear a pin rob for smokers wasn't a popular win only third win. You know that the problem you have after you do the world. Actually what i remember when i remember as looking up. They're putting the crowns and on the chair and their carry. Su there donna which is tremendous. Jerry was active in combination barbecue and was was the guy to beat back then and he was showing a lot of love and support. And i've always always really respected harry and it really attend to me. Was there johnny trick pointing to me. And that's where. I met darren worth which ended up being a wonderful relationship. Still is but you go back the next year neutron live up to it and you kind of get over that pretty quickly in the more majors you cook the more. I realized that you know you probably if you're cooking regularly you're probably always cooking fairly good there. Sometimes your best cook is the one that wins. Lots of stuff happens. But i'll tell you something it's one of the things they can't take away from you. It's one of the things when you walk in there and you say wow. We really did this. Oh i have so much love and appreciation for the royal inn. Proud that we've been able to qualify for the invitatinal every year since you know if if we can get enough contest to count here can fortunate of win. Maybe i'll qualify again. And i hope i was gonna say from this year competition standpoint. I know you've had what may be five or six and its maybe bend the fewest conversations that you've ever done Up to this point i mean. We're i mean technically speaking. We're kind of late in the year. I mean this is really when folks are jamming it in through the summer or early fall. You have the majors that are falling out. And you've been sitting over there on the left coast which was once gonna say. It was ripe with competitions like you would find a kansas city or some of those surrounding areas. But you had a number of competitions in that california arizona data type area. What's happening over there. Well boy what's happening over there. Kobe kobe restrictions were a lot harder on us. Out here it also wasn't all covert. There were there issues in combination barbecue. That were there. Before the probably weren't address. Cova came down. They all kind of collapsed on us. Who was really It was awful but the promoters can't make any money the sponsors don't feel like they're getting a return. The charities are getting a huge benefit. So there's a lot of issues it's not just judging and costs. There's there's a lot of issues we're facing in the market. That's really it hard and the thing that scares me. As i looked at the calendar for next year in california barbecue association there was nothing for the first six months or twenty two. There's.

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