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The goose is good for the Gander what's good for the ride is good for the left one is good for the Republicans is good for the Democrats yes no huh fair and balanced whatever. okay much is being made of this effort to boycott businesses owned by trump supporters no so the story's going national and I don't know fresh talked about it I would assume he did it sounds like a Russell my story Kress or or even venture I don't know I was away from the radio a little earlier. did rather well thank you little problem close in the face the club is getting better. anyway that's why Mrs shows however in the story originated out of Pittsburgh. a local social media wizard a local provocateur what have you blocker his name is Brian bloom. yes Sir so you put up in a Facebook post a page identified only as band Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh I don't argue is is Chesney approach from the artist I I don't know but anyway that's how it started and essentially he put up there a list of almost one hundred local businesses owned by people that donated money to Donald Trump and here's what he said to local media which or course descended on him like jackals as soon as the Facebook page was noticed you are well within your rights to not hand your money to somebody who supports that ideology so anyway and this year member but like take Frances conservatives ran I used to joke all the time about he was gonna have to boycott his Kerry get a coffee maker and as a yeti coolers and on and on he was going to quit buying things doubles at Dick's sporting goods who supported or didn't support or did support Colin Kaepernick I can't remember yeah just goes on and on it just becomes a blur after awhile. was it clicks but anyway so he says if there is a specific ideology that you don't support you are well within your rights not to hand money to someone in sports and ideology trump supporters have boycotted everything from Kerry to Nike. pardon me so I don't know why the other side can't decide not to give their money to businesses as well. so obviously sandy mark demarco Sandra Markle he is the chair of the county's Republican Party out there near Pittsburgh he's none too happy with look at what they're trying to do people who they just don't agree with. they want it taken punish. I absolutely believe that this is fascist behavior that I rejected. I'm not sure it's ever a good idea to. you know I am not a bumper sticker guy you might be but I just don't feel like getting in a fight with somebody in on the Walmart parking lot for no reason this is my policy call me wishy washy or not to not to a concrete in my ideals and my values but I just want to fight about. anyway so back to this Mister Brian broom when he heard about Mr demarco's comment he said I think that he should probably look up the word fascist.

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