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I pretty sure my husband's part of the Expresso club and in selling. Is to. What's embarrassed and she goes to Starbucks orders, extra Expresso, lots wrong. I say so many things wrong. Like like, what? All the things? How I saw thing today about things we pronounce differently a wrong Alman caramel or caramel. Is there anything about what is an Espresso being both a coffee now, there's a coffee bean thought it's how you cook it. Who knows? I could make us. I'm new to this coffee thing. So you didn't Google it by cook. I mean brew. Yeah, I got scolded on fajitas the other day I wanted, you say, well, I said that if a hito is Ellen rant because the fajitas a cut of meat, what's not? It's a dish. I always thought the fajita because I got so mad. When I go to restaurants, they'd say like, oh, you want trim fajitas shrimp doesn't have a heater like you caught a cow. That's a skirt that's a skirt steak house wrong. It's funny I took and I was a development major at Texas am a lotta Ag like animal science classes, and I had to study each of the cow. So you're familiar with the heat is listed there spread so powder's a very intensely dark and concentrate. So they use it for cooking too. It's not just how coffee is made. Okay. It's not. I know it is. Yeah, I think now you're reading about spur so powder. Yup, it's all the same. He's going to go home and become an Espresso expert tonight. Now I wonder where I read what I read because I was reading about how Espresso is not just coffee. It's actually a chemical. Whoa, whoa, really a chemical. I don't know. I mean, obviously, I don't know I'm talking about I'm seeing. I think it's natural lock it some- in, yes, I think it's natural to, yes. Obviously, I've no idea. I'm talking. I'd started drinking like three months ago down that tie type IT Taichi tie. Okay. We're good to go. We gotta go. Yeah, I am tired anyway. I gotta go. I'm playing the opera tonight. Which will be talking about that coming up. Are you still going solo as of now? Okay. It's only been four hours. Some of those men. You've just an artist's. Let me back there sitting in the room myself. Yeah, because usually people will bring a big on like the rest of your crew on air off air today. We were talking about the young girl in today, know off air fare, never mind. Save for tomorrow. Yeah, yeah, that was awful. About about tomorrow later. I just thought maybe she could go. All right. No, no. All right. Thank you very much. When we go away, we go. Buddy miss the bombing. Translate across America. About it. Right. Welcome to the show today, Wednesday morning studio. I'm gonna plan the offering tonight by the way. Yeah, I'll be doing the grand ole Opry. Exciting. Yes. So happens that you go in every artist is given, I think on the weekends, you get eight minutes or so on the weeknights you get an eleven so many go to eleven minutes. I'm gonna. Do all jokes or maybe. Eight minutes jokes in the song or something, but did that. Tonight's pretty exciting. I don't have any go with though, like I'm going by myself really. Bring the kids. I don't know that enjoy. I mean, yeah, you could always come, but I don't know if they'd enjoy the grand ole Opry. I don't know. They've never been never not try this week trying out that basketball camp. Yeah. He was kids around basketball camp. They're not loving it. Not really. It's just their first experience with like an organized sport. So Billy I know they don't get the concept now, like my daughter's just like, all we do is run and do drills like, well, they get your feet ready. She doesn't like the basketball part of it. We'll just like the running part of it. She doesn't like that. She's not sitting down watching Netflix part of it. She loves that. Yeah, Amy was over the house couple days ago and they were leaving and he's oughta goes, go and watch TV net flicks. And it was like, I don't know if we have just a little bit. She's like, I don't know. We'll see. We'll see. Did you have watching Netflix and you on? We have to limit that. I have some sort of girl like magic show that she likes. She got twenty minutes. I was like, all right..

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