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Happy twenty twenty one dear listeners. Today's guest are mold fennel and carey mulligan. You know emerald from her role as camilla parker bowles in the crown as a writer and producer of killing eve and as the writer producer and director of promising young woman which is now one of my all time favorite movies. I am not exaggerating. Emerald deserves at least one academy award for this film carey. Mulligan is one of my favorite actresses and all watch anything she's in. You probably know her from dr. Shame and the great gatsby. I can honestly say that her portrayal of cassie and promising young woman is one of the most amazing performances. I've ever seen because we talk a lot about the movie in our interview. I'm going to tell you just enough about it to not spoil anything. You really have to see it. Promising young woman is a black comedy thriller directed written and produced by emerald fennell in her feature direct to'real debut. The story follows a woman living a secret double life as she takes revenge against men who have wronged her. The film stars carey mulligan. Bo burnham brie clancy brown jennifer coolidge laverne cox and connie britton. I really can't recommend it enough. After talking with emerald and kerry. I'm joined again by psychotherapist. Bestselling author endear therapist. Podcast host lori gottlieb. Who has some expert advice for our listeners. Thank you all so much for sticking with us through this last year the podcast his really helped me feel connected. And i'm grateful for so many of you reach now if you have a question or a story to share. Please visit our website at unqualified dot com. I really look forward to hearing.

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