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Just that it was about 1000. People 10,000 oversold because it was and you just sort of looked it up and you get the crowd to go roar for maiden and stuff. I mean, it's one of those things. You just think back. Gonna go? Hell, yes, and they're still out doing it. You know, in between Bruce Dickinson flying his plane and everything else that's crazy. Then you got the go. Go's DeBose Got Ohio connection. And how many people have iron Maiden or deveaux or even Todd Rundgren? For God's sake? Oh, Kate Bush. I mean, if somebody and then l l cool J I could go on and all You know? Sorry. I'm a little freaked out. By the way. John Kirky is here from the Rock Hall of Fame is gonna calm me down. He's the boss of fan engagement. What happens when you get somebody like me walking through that place getting all a little amped up and freaked out? How do you deal with them? I mean, we love it like that. That's what makes our museum and Cleveland it's what makes the entire process so meaningful. Um, I'd be really sad to be honest if I worked at a place at the Hall of Fame that issued their ballot and it was like cricket like if nobody talked about it and be like You know, um, you know way. Be missing the mark. Um All 16 of these nominees are deserving. It's why they're on the valid and you know, I play the game like Pick any five. Yeah, So you and I could pick could pick 10 different combinations off five artists to be inducted from this ballot. And they have killer ballot on do you have there is so much here and you mention Kate Bush and devote the go, Go's made and L L cool J. Todd Rundgren, Tina Turner Dirty Hood. We forget there's no, we forgot somebody here, and I should have made better notes who's left out here. So other artist comes looking at my notes. Oh, so what's really cool about this year's ballot? They look kooky kooky from West Africa from Nigeria. He's like, sort of the God, father in many ways of the Afro beat sound That's so influential that so much of today's contemporary music, in fact, on all your listeners from go right now to vote that rock hall dot com They can cast her vote every day. Once a day and our family right now today, see, that's six times. Come on now. I don't have time every single day. I gotta check scores. I gotta look at the weather. I gotta walk the dog. I gotta pick up his crap. Then I got to do work. How money I mean, you get every single day, so there's no limit. See, it's fixed. Come on, darling. We've made it very easy for fans of vote. But what's cool is so the top five You know, the top five stands go getters that comprises the fin ballot. But there's like 1000 ballots. So every living in Dougie if some of the most significant Um um you know, journalists, scholars, critics, they artists, they're all voters in our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame body. And But the fan vote is important. And I think you know people so right now, Sailor Kuti has had a huge listen. It's amazing campaign, you know, kind of all over the world and particularly in West Africa, about No, let's vote. Let's vote for failure. And to me that is that right? There is the example of rock and roll kind of just being a galvanizing force. Um and yeah, Go ahead. No, no, Please go ahead. I mean, I could talk to you for days. We've talked about this. We got there after the pandemic, drinks and beers, get down there and hang out. It's a great place and Speaking of that the Rock Hall's open last time we talked you, too, but all the protocols in place and everything. How's that going that process because it was also some more virtual stuff. Yeah, So we're still doing a ton of virtual programs right now in the middle of Black history month, and it's all virtual we actually had. Robert Randolph was a Grammy Award winning performer. In the museum today We filmed the concert. We're gonna Eric in a few weeks, but but the museum itself We're open every day, seven days a week, and you know it is it is safe. We have all the leading health and safety procedures. We constantly believe and we're so proud. Yeah. Yeah, I think we're one of the safest museums in the entire world, To be honest, But I always say is safe. But it is not sterile. So if you walk into the median rolled champion that clean Yeah, Yeah. You're still gonna hear a CBC and a research Franklin blaring in the Beatles blaring from the loudspeakers. You're still going to see. You know, the Elvis presently exhibit. You're still gonna feel the emotion. That all of our visitors and you know, listen, it's all time Ticketing. You know, we asked people to buy the tickets in advance. So it's all very safe. It's all very spread out. But if you haven't been to the museum, I mostly sterling if you haven't done anywhere in some time, and you're looking for a safe place. That's going to be just really, that's going to move you and kind of connect, Maybe to see your soul a little bit. You know, I gotta say, come to the rock hall. It Z very special place and we need music, and we especially need it right now. Well, you know, it's it's everything. It's moment. You know, you mentioned being little listening to tapestry in the house with your mom. I can remember her wanting to give me beetles in playing bills or Slim Whitman of all things. In the house when I was a kid, and then I'm like we're about the stones, and then I'm like, you know, I reached a ride my bike down the second time around. We drive down to everybody's records here. If you look through Do you have this? Do you have that into the outdoor?.

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